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suzismith85 11-02-2009 07:31 AM

Resolving “This file was compressed using an unknown compression.” Error in .zip file
A Zip file format, also known as an archive format, is used to compress one or more files to reduce the file size and the storage space of the files. This is done to facilitate easy transfer of the Zip file. But, a Zip file is not immune to corruption and at times, you might experience problems while extracting files from the Zipped folder. This generally happens when the Zip file is either not compatible with the Zip file extractor or is corrupt. In such situations, data becomes inaccessible which may further lead to serious loss in your work area. To prevent this, you need to retrieve your data systematically using the new-generation, third-party Zip Repair software.

Consider while working on a Windows Vista based computer, when you use WinZip to extract a compressed file that has a .zip file extension, you encounter the below mentioned error message:

“This file was compressed using an unknown compression method. Please visit*WinZip® Error more information. The compression method used for this file is 98. error: no files were found - nothing to do “

This error message indicates that contents stored in the compressed file cannot be accessed.*

Possible causes for the above error message are:
The Zip file was created using WinZip1.0
Your computer system has an older version of WinZip.
The Zip file is corrupt.

Resolve the problem using following methods:
Compress the file to a Maximum in WinZip 10 with following steps:
1.In the File menu, click New Archive.
2.Type name for the compressed file in the “File Name:” box of the “New Archive” dialog box and click OK.*
3.In the Add dialog box which opens next, chose the files that you want to add to the archive, select “Maximum ( portable)” in the “Compression” box, and then click Add.*

In case, the above method fails to resolve the problem, then you need to Repair Zip File by using a powerful Zip Repair software. Such applications employ sophisticated algorithms to quickly repair the corrupted zip file.*Embedded with rich graphical user-interface, the software is easy to use and understand without any prior technical skills.

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