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macsmith85 01-05-2010 12:58 AM

Resolving Excel Error Message “Excel.EXE is not in a valid Win32 application.”
Excel.exe is main executable file of Microsoft Excel. You should not terminate the process of this file if any Excel Spreadsheet is open. However, if you terminate the Excel.exe process while a spreadsheet is open, then your spreadsheet may get damaged or corrupted. In most cases, a corrupt spreadsheet does not open, which causes inaccessibility of data. The situation may become worse if data loss occurs. To overcome such situations, you require a healthy backup file to restore your data. However, if the backup is absent, or it fails to restore the data, then you should opt for a high-quality excel repair software to retrieve and restore the data.

For instance – After terminating the Excel.exe process, when you attempt to open the spreadsheet again, the following error message appears:

“Excel.EXE is not in a valid Win32 application.”

After this error message appears, all the processes related to Excel would not open. Consequently, you fail to open the spreadsheet and the data becomes inaccessible. At this point of time, you may feel helpless and worried as the spreadsheet that is corrupted may contain your precious information. So, the first thing you need to do is find out the cause and then an appropriate resolution for the problem.


The error message mainly occurs because of unexpected or improper termination of Excel.exe, which eventually results in corruption of the spreadsheet. The reason behind this may be improper system shutdown or power outage or failure, which causes system shutdown and unexpected termination of Excel.exe process.


A corrupt Excel spreadsheet is of no use until something is done to correct or fix the file. Repairing of the file becomes necessary as the data saved in the file may contain useful or vital information. Thus, to retrieve your data completely from the corrupted Excel spreadsheet, you need to use a powerful repair excel file software. These applications incorporate efficient scanning algorithms to repair and restore the corrupted Excel spreadsheet. Designed by highly-qualified and experienced experts, excel repair tools are easy to use and understand. Hence, you do not require any prior technical skills.

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