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lpkid1057 06-08-2011 11:20 AM

Removing Vista from XP Dual Boot: Problem
I am new to this forumn, and so I dont know if this question is in the right place...

After having a dual boot system for a long time with Vista and XP, I decided that I was going to get rid of Vista and keep XP.

So I deleted the Vista Partition (instead of reformatting) on D:\ while in XP. (Confusion here because the xp partition refers to itself as D:\, but outside xp, XP partition is refered to as C:\ Something to do with easybcd i believe)

I booted into XP repair console and did fixbmr, with no arguments. It spit out something that looked off, as in, the new drive is now device0/partition0. Didn't look right.

Then I did fixboot, also with no arguments.

Restarted, and there was no OS to boot into.

At this point I thought I lost everything, but I'm using UBCD to snoop around.
I reformatted the former Vista partition into storage space for anything I could get off of the XP partition.

I found that all my files were still intact from XP, so I backed those up.

In short, I think i have no MBR or Partition table. I want my XP partition back to normal. Is there any easy way to do this with repair console or MBRwiz?

lpkid1057 06-08-2011 01:39 PM

As I understand it, and to clarify, XP was D:\ since it was installed after vista, making Vista C:\ and the active drive.

So deleting the vista partition deleted just the bootlogger? or my MBR as well?

Assuming it was just the bootlogger, wouldnt using XP repair fixmbr and fixboot give me back everything I needed?

I'm pretty sure I made the XP partition my active partition through MBRwiz.

I'm hesitant to use MBRwiz to wipe and start over (mbr wipe and first 64 bytes of Sector).

File system still intact, just no bootable OS b/c of mbr/bootlogger.

Any Ideas?

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