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KarlM 06-17-2009 07:06 AM

Remove the Google Hijack Virus!
The Google Hijack virus is a gateway program which infects a computer system with spyware. This virus is also a browser hijacker, wherein a the spyware overrides a user’s Internet browser, and redirects it to an advertisement site when the user clicks on link results to a particular search query.

Some users may dismiss this as an advertising tactic by Google for purposes of additional revenue, and take no action. It is not. Ignoring Google Hijack, may cause sensitive information within your computer (such as passwords, credit card and bank information, and other important data) to be leaked to and recorded by malicious parties.

Google Hijack Virus Manual Removal

This article contains a couple of methods on removing the Google Hijack virus from your computer: through manual removal via the Windows Registry or the System Restore feature.

Virus Removal via the Windows Registry

This particular method of removal requires a degree of computer expertise from the user. Again, do not attempt to resolve the concern by this method if you are not an expert. Entering the registry and modifying or removing certain entries may result in system damage if done improperly.

Go to the Windows Registry Editor. Click on ‘Run’, and enter the ‘regedit’ command into the search bar. Browse through the following folders in the registry:
• HKEY_USERS\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersi on\
• HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Curr entVersion\
Erase any dubious files. The suspect entries may take on random file names, thus making it difficult for some users to identify them. Any users with exhaustive knowledge of the Registry and its workings may be able to detect and eliminate them.

Resolution via Windows System Restore

The Windows System Restore feature can revert your system to its status before the infection, thus retroactively ‘removing’ the virus.

Restart your system with ‘Safe Mode’. This mode prevents the virus from creating further damage to the system even before it is totally removed. As the system begins loading, press ‘F8’ during display of the loading screen.

Go to the Windows’ ‘Start’ button on your desktop and click on it. This will bring up a panel. Mouse over the ‘All Programs’ feature, and click.

Read through the program list, and move the cursor to the tab labelled ‘Accessories’. Click on the tab, proceed to ‘System Tools’, and click on the ‘Restore’ command. Remember to activate the button for ‘restore my computer to a previous date’. Choose ‘Next’.

Set the date to one before contraction of the Google Hijack virus (or the manifestation of any of the aforementioned symptoms). Restart your computer by pressing ‘Next’. Your system will be free of the Google Hijack virus upon rebooting.

Google Hijack Virus Automatic Removal

You can also resolve this concern by scanning your system with any reputable virus removal program. Following the instructions to the letter should give you a virus-free computer within minutes. The software may also feature real-time security against any subsequent attacks.

Build up your computer’s security by getting or updating anti-spyware. Your anti-spyware should be certified, as downloading bogus antispyware will only aggravate the problem. Activate the anti-spyware program and thoroughly scan your system with it. Upgrade to better anti-spyware if your computer does not detect the cause of the problem.

Restart the computer and test your Internet browser. Check to see if it functions properly.

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