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DominicD 04-03-2011 02:33 PM

QR Code Tutorial for your Mobile Phone
A QR Code is a small picture of dotted squares and shades. It is the mobile phone equivalent of bar codes. You will see QR Codes on printed advertisements, websites, and everyday objects like tshirts, stickers, posters, and household appliances. Using your smartphonel; take a picture of a QR Code to reveal its message. It could point your phone to browse a website, display a text message on your screen, suggest phone contact details, and even help you login to a wireless network.

QR Code History
QR means “quick response”. QR codes were originally invented in Japan by Denso-Wave (a subsidiary of Toyota). The primary goal for QR codes was to help engineers and mechanics track machine parts as they are shipped and sorted in the manufacturing line. They then expanded its use to contain more information. Today QR Codes are an emerging standard for sharing information on mobile phones.

Create Your Own QR Code
The fastest and easiest way to understand QR code technology is to create your own QR code. The “ZXing Project” is an initiative that is supported by Google and many other smart phone manufacturers for QR Code generation and interpretation.

1. Browse to the website of the QR Code Generator: QR Code Generator
2. Notice the wide variety of QR Code options.
You can create QR Codes for different purposes such as:
- Calendar Event
- Contact Information
- Email address
- Geo location
- Phone number
- Text
- Wifi Network

The use of QR Codes provides an interesting new medium for sharing and distribution information. Instead of having users remember a link to type and visit using their mobile phones, one can simply snap a picture of the QR Code and immediately be taken to the URL. A long email address, a calendar event, or even a text memo of personal thoughts or official announcements can be distributed as a small square print-out of QR Code.

QR Codes in advertisements and artistic design

QR Codes for public information

Create your own QR Codes now! The next time you send or share your contact information, or a link to an interesting website, consider sending a QR code instead. Likewise, be in the look-out for QR codes posted as stickers/art/advertisements and promotions. You’ll never know if some good deals or discounts may be revealed to lucky QR code visitors.

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