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DominicD 02-20-2011 01:54 AM

Print From Anywhere – A Printer With Its Own Email Address
Well, someone finally did it, a Printer with its own email address! Snap pictures from your mobile and email them to your HP ePrint enabled printer and it prints beautiful photo prints for your family to enjoy as you travel from 10,000 miles across the globe!

The HP ePrint series is a new line of printers that have their own unique and secure email address. Simply connect and ePrint printer to the internet, and its ready 24/7 to receive emails of documents and pictures from your authorized email account.

Literally printing a file from the web simplifies a LOT of print woes – no more need for printer drivers for guests at home or the office. You can manage your printer from the web – see print logs, ink levels, and printing status. ePrint takes the concept of network printing/ printer sharing to a whole new level.

ePrint devices can print from Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook emails, mobile files (Symbian, iPhone, Blackberry). It works with free web emails such as Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail. ePrint owners can restrict and specify which email address is allowed to print.

Buy an ePrint printer for your non-computer savvy grandparents. Even if they’re not able to use a computer, simply email your holiday photos to their ePrint device and they’d be viewing your photo album!

Some ePrint devices also come with a scanner and copier. Simply have grandma open the scanner tray to place the her handwritten recipe for beef brisket. You can then scan and fetch the document for your to read.

HP offers the ePrint service free of charge. Also, HP provides support for older printers to convert to a new firmare that supports ePrint click here HP ePrintCenter | Coming Soon for details.

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