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bytlan 03-10-2011 12:51 PM

Preinstalled Vista, dual boot to XP won't complete
Long or short of it I have this quad 4 machine running Vista Home Prem -home build ASUS & Intel- been trying to do a dual boot to XP Pro. Did all the prep from the site here on how to install.. - blank patrician.. reboot to the CD install but it never completes the XP installation. Prompts to reboot to cd and/or errors out to "Error loading operating system_" (if I reboot to cd it installs XP again as the first time.) Tried the Vista DVD boot and the bcdedit but will not complete the XP PRO install when rebooting. It just locks the loop to reinstall or recover the XP installation (errors). Vista comes up fine if selected after the bcdedit. Else it goes back to the boot from cd...

Any help would be nice?

bytlan 03-10-2011 05:47 PM

don't worry - back door is always good...
Not to worry if no one can reply to my previous statement.

I originally found the dual boot stuff at

I back doored the whole setup. I run a good number of PC's, servers and use drive imaging software - Paragon Pro.. Rebooted the machine to a drive image software of a past XP Pro machine and loaded it to the new partition. Redid the Vista boot repairing the bcdedit. Brought it up as Vista. Verified the MBR stuff there, rebooted the selection of Vista XP and selected XP. Had to verify the Genuine Windows and up date a few drivers to the different mother board and away the machine flies!!

A Quad CPU on XP is nuts. And this is a medium speed cpu and not over clocked. Stuff just pops and flies by.. and the gigabyte nic on XP is about as nuts with speed.. Oh on this home network I run some 15T (terabyte) of drive space in these machines - just play and learning.. double deep on back ups and drive images. so my down time is low for a home network and the 5 tv tuners... chow!

DominicD 03-10-2011 09:39 PM

haha, win for quad cpu on winxp! but just curious, why not switch vista to windows 7?

im guessing that xp is still most compatible with a lot of games?

bytlan 03-11-2011 01:12 PM

It's not just games! As some renderings just seem to pop oh so much faster too:icon_razz:!!

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