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DominicD 03-30-2011 08:10 AM

Pixlr – Online Photo Editing Tool
Photographers, Graphic Artists, and us ordinary home users will always need a handy photo editing software. Photo editing tools come from the very basic MS Paint, to the free GIMP, to the expensive Adobe Photoshop. How about combining the speedy performance of MS Paint, with the advanced and expensive features of Photoshop, and being free like GIMP? And even more, its all accessible online -- it’s called Pixlr is an amazing online photo editor. It has similar features like Photoshop, its fast, its free, and its accessible online!

Pixlr has an array of Photoshop/GIMP like menu and options. It is indeed hard to believe that such a complicated photo editing tool can be quickly loaded and running on your browser. Pixlr has support for familiar photo editing features such as filters, layers, and text blending options.
The screenshot above shows its layer options, support for images, text, and layer blending options. These are the essentials for majority of photo editing activities.
The Pixlr menu hosts a powerful toolset of filters and effects. You will not miss Photoshop and GIMP. Again, all of this photo editing power and features are all right into your browser!

Pixlr has professional photo effects and filters to instantly beautify and add artistic effects to your digital photos.

Original picture

Edited with Pixlr built-in effects and filters

Pixlr is an amazing, fast, and free, online Photo Editor. Pixlr works as a flash content loaded on your browser. All the photo editing features and options are performed on’s cloud service. This gives Pixlr Photo Editor the amazing speed and quality of effects.

Sign-up now on to enjoy more advanced and free Pixlr features. Recommend to your friends, keep it bookmarked for on-the-spot online photo editing needs.

thilak 07-05-2011 01:11 AM

It is a nice sharing............

Neonatom 05-23-2012 08:39 AM

Pixlr is very much similar to Adobe Photoshop; It is the best online photo editing tool I ever used so far.

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