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eru777 11-27-2008 10:50 AM

PC flashes and freezes.
Sometimes when windows starts up for the first time (In a day), or when I've used it for some hours:
It freezes up after a flashing, flickering screen. It stays flickering and does not respond to anything. Only hard reset can "fix" it.
Do you guys have any idea what that could be?
I searched my PC for viruses to find none with avast and other searching online scanners.
Thanks a lot in advance.
P.S.My video card is not old.
Intel Core duo 2.13Ghz
Nvidia geforce 8600GT with latest drivers
Intel motherboard
Windows XP PRO SP3 Media Center Edition

I did not upgrade or did anything to cause this, as far as I know. I am the sole user of this PC.

lurkswithin 11-27-2008 01:24 PM

Not knowing whether this is a desktop or laptop makes for a couple of decisions.

I think that the problem lies with your power input.....but can be caused by many different things.

1) The first thing I would look for is dust within the computer as dust can cause overheating and cause shorting of the hardware that might cause arcing of the circuitry.

2) The power supply when old can also cause this type of issues. Because the power supply internals insulation get old and tend to get brittle and crack...this will allow hummidity to cause arcing when first started and when overheated as well.

3)check the motherboard very carefully for bulging filters...filters look like small metal cans and the tops and bottoms should be flat where the wires contact. They should be a bright metal (some have coverings ...labels) but dull, dark collorings of the tops shows signs of overheating.

4) This could also be caused by the monitor fixing to go out as well! If possible try using another monitor and see if the problem continues.

5) overclocking the video card will also cause this type of behaviour. Change the video card settings back to default and see if it still happens.

Good luck!

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