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krazymarvin 06-08-2010 05:53 PM

new video card, is not puting out any video.
sup. just replaced my evga 7600 gt to a evga gts 250 1gb. i installed it with out any problems had to use the power adapter it came with couse my power supply doesent hava a 6 prong connecter. the adapter is 2 hd 4 prong connections to a 6 prong connection.
when i had everthing pluged in and turned on my pc the fans were about 10 sec longer then usuel on high mode, then im sure it was booting up fine couse the lights on my keyboard were blinking like alwasy. but after all this the video on the monitor was still not showing up,
motherboard is a asus p5n-e sli, 650 watt powersupply, 2gb ram, 500gb hd,windows xp 32.

was going to try uninstalling or disableing the drivers of the old video card.
or reseting jumpers to clear the cmos. no error beebs come up

i dont think its the card couse ive looked around and found some ppl with the same problem and they have tryed it on diff pc and worked. dident realy find much on this thats why im puting up a post. last time ive posted some thing here i got some real good help.
was puting up this post today and on friday ima go back home and try again.
can any one help me with this problem :).

William_Wilson 06-13-2010 10:29 AM

From what you describe, the hardware should be fine.
Do you see the initial boot/bios screens? If you do it is likely the drivers. You will need to put the old card back in, uninstall all video drivers, then put your new card in.

If you aren't seeing the boot screens there could be another cause. (The installed drivers are not controlling the video output before Windows loads)
Your 650W power supply rules out under powering.
I would then suggest physically looking at the card and possibly (very carefully) check if the video card fan is spinning while the power is on. In addition if there are any LEDs on the card ensure they are lit up. This will ensure the issue is not a power problem.

If that appears to be okay, though you said there are no beeps, I would try disconnecting the power on the video card and see if you get any beeps. If you do not, you cannot count on your bios notifying you of the incorrectly connected video card.

A possibility is that this card uses fairly complex drivers, you should be able to install the driver without the card installed. You can always try using your old card, install the drivers for the new video card, then install the new card, but I can't guarantee this will work.

Let us know how it goes. :)

krazymarvin 06-17-2010 12:18 AM

i did the uninstalling of the old video drivers and it took like 10 sec for the new card to show video card to put out video. it only did that for the first time, the rest are normal. but ya now it works fine. thanks for the tips :)

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