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lustyln 07-13-2011 06:03 PM

NetFramework updates for xp media center sp3 trouble
Hi I hope this is the right place to put this Hi everyone
I recently have done updates,and I was looking in the optional because my pc hasnt had any updates for anything but the high priority 1s, I have 3 computers the one im enquireing about is a microsoft windows XP media center edition sp3,pc has been acting a little slluggish WIE hangs and very slow to open and my control panel takes for ever and a day to open then it dont wanna scroll its getting worse ok back to the ? recently i accidently clicked to install all the optional updaytes and noticed that it downloaded the NET framework which i didnt have anything but microsft user -mode frameworkfeature pack now i have it and Microsft.Net Framework 1.1,2.0,and 4 client profile I have no clue what happened to 3 and I am wondering should I have even ran these and what do I need to do ? I contacted microsoft suopport and going back n forwards in emails and they apparently are not reading the whole email because they are telling me to remove all the net frameworks and reinstall 3.5 with sp1 which i dont and never did have.Plus they gave me a link to downkload a framework remover it is so damn confussing I cant stand it ,I have it on desktop but I am scared to do anything because I am not sure what it is saying .I read in the updates where it failed and clicked on the suipport it took me to a page that said to uninstall the Net 4 by control panel so I tried and when i did a message came up saying that if I removed the 4 that certain programs would not run and to address those issues first be for I deleted it and there wasnt a list of programs or anything whew getting a head rush just trying to deal with it I hope that someone can help me because this just gets me aggravated and I dont like feeling that way and I wanna toss the pc lol sorry for the short novel here lmao

DominicD 07-15-2011 05:38 AM

hi lustyln

it is safe to proceed with the uninstall of DotNet Framework 4 (or whatever version it is). Ignore the notice about some programs not being able to run without DotNet Framework 4. Only a very few programs depend on the Microsoft DotNet Framework to run.

lustyln 07-16-2011 08:46 PM

Net Frame
Kewl thx man I really wanted to hear that lol im on it thx again

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