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kaycee 04-28-2009 12:46 PM

My PC cant boot nor enter setup.only shows d 1st screen wit(Press DEL 2enter setup)
Hello Friends. Please can one help me out. A desktop computer of mine would not boot into the GUI. If you switch it on it only shows the 1st screen you would see before you now see ('windows' and a progress bar). That is the screen where you see, press 'DEL' to enter setup and it just hangs there. When you even press the 'DEL' from the keyboard so you at least see the setup screen, it doesn't. Nothing just responds. Infact it shows that screen and stays like that 'wouldn't enter setup and wouldn't boot' please Can any one kindly help me. Thanks in anticipation. One can also reach me here. I'm sorry if it's not allowed.

lurkswithin 04-28-2009 10:45 PM

Please edit your post and remove your email. It is really a bad thing to publicly display a person's email address.

Your problem is more than likely memory related. The first page or P.O.S.T. page is for identifying what hardware is installed and which is operational. Google for memtest86 and read how to make it a bootable application as to your computers configuration ...floppy or CD. Then boot to the program and run it. Any errors at all means the memory needs to be replaced. If the system still locks up then you may have to just swap out a memory module in order to get it to boot to the BIOS or to windows.

kaycee 05-01-2009 08:09 AM

My Pc cant boot nor enter setup
Thanks for your reply. Please could you let me know in detail how to use the 'memtest86' how do I put into the system? The computer only shows this screen with 'Press DEL to Enter setup' there's also 'BIOSTAT' written on the screen thanks also for ur advice 2 remove my email adres.but I couldn't do it besides I noticed it had been removed.

lurkswithin 05-01-2009 02:50 PM - Memory Diagnostic

You can download from the above link.
You will need either Nero or some other burning software to make the bootable CD.

Download the ISO image for creating bootable CD (Windows - zip) and unzip the contents to your desktop. It will be what is known as an ISO image file.
Open the burning software and click to burn an image file. the program will need to be pointed to the desktop and it will show the ISO file open the ISO and the burning software will auto produce a bootable CD with memtest86 application installed.
1) make sure the CD/DVD drive is set for first boot from within the BIOS (set-up)
2)Insert th CD in the CD/DVD drive and restart the computer.
3) when prompted to boot to CD, hit enter.
4) follow the prompts to start the program and let it run for minimum of 12 hours or more...unless errors are shown almost immediately .

Any errors means the memory stick is bad and will need to be removed/replaced.

kaycee 05-01-2009 06:24 PM

My PC cant enter BIOS setup nor boot into windows
Thanks for your replies. How do I get to the bios setup screen cos it doesn't display it. How do I set boot order when it never shows bios setup screen. I could burn the memtest86 on a disc using nero on another PC. But How can I browse for it on the troubled PC since it doesn't show any other screen other than (Press DEL to enter setup). Again,please what do you refer to as the memory stick in your reply? Is it the RAM?. Thanks

lurkswithin 05-02-2009 07:54 AM

Yes, burn the memtest from another computer and boot to it with the damaged one to see if it will....can't hurt.

By pressing enter set-up.....set-up is the BIOS area of the computer.

Memory is the installed RAM stick(s).

kaycee 05-03-2009 12:34 AM

Thanks a lot. I do get you fully now and the processes you described. But the ultimate problem is this, when you press 'DEL' it doesn't enter BIOS setup area so at least you set boot device. It just stays like that. I thought the memtest86 would only boot up when the screen ''Press any key to boot from cd has shown''.i appreciate you efforts. Of course I would try and see if the memtest86 would force the PC to boot from cd or enter setup. Have a good time

mhookem 05-03-2009 06:24 AM

Hello, try hitting DEL as soon as you start to see the boot sequence. Keep pressing it and you should catch it before it freezes.
Also, if you are trying to test your memory and you get to the setup screen, you might find that you can set the bios to show memory testing during the boot sequence.
If you've got the option, it will be something called or similar to a diagnostic boot.



kaycee 05-04-2009 05:29 AM

Thanks brother. I think I'd done that. But I'd try it again, this time being smarter in pressing the DEL key. If it fails then I think I'd start talking about changing the motherboard or wouldn't that be the likely thing causing this problem? Thanks a lot.

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