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DominicD 03-02-2011 07:56 AM

Mobile Hotspot Devices – Your WiFi Anywhere
Wouldn’t it be great if WiFi was everywhere? If you can wifi inside a car? If its possible to share your mobile internet to a teammate’s computer? If you want wifi anywhere, then a make wifi follow you with a Mobile Hotspot Device! A Mobile Hotspot is like a portable wifi router that uses an always present 3G connection. Indeed, this is a clever and useful wireless innovation. Instead of tethering internet via usb cable from your mobile to your laptop, plug the simcard to a Mobile Hotspot device like “MiFi”. A Mobile Hotspot device shares the fast 3G signal to your laptop, your PSP, and other wifi capable devices.

A Mobile Hotspot combines the mobility of high-speed 3G/4G networks to the connection sharing and flexibility of WiFi routers. Telecom providers now offer personal hotspot devices as an additional monthly service. In even better news, mobile hotspot devices offer additional features like sharing usb flash drives and VPN networks.

The screenshot below shows mobile hotspot devices of different Telecom Providers

Some providers would bundle the mobile hotspot devices with unlimited data plans. Some devices may are “locked” so that the work only with the specific provider. Some devices however are sold separately and they are “unlocked” – these devices can accommodate any 3G/4G sim and network.

Mobile Hotspot devices can be as small as credit card sizes. Some may have an external adapter for its power. Some devices have built-in rechargeable battery. Very little configuration is required for Mobile Hotspot devices. Insert a 3G enabled simcard, and power-on the device. Very little configuration is required.

Configure the Mobile Hotspot’s security settings.
Mobile Hotspot devices support basic WEP, WPA/WPA2 security.

Free your mobile internet experience! One-to-one device tethering is a thing of the past. Maximise the availability of 3G-4G networks by sharing your mobile connection. Save money on mobile data plans – with a mobile hotspot device in your bag, you only need one data plan subscription!

Check with your mobile service provider for affordable unlimited data plans that bundle Mobile Hotstpot devices. Also, check with the device specifications for the number of connected devices it can support.

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