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Sebastian42 07-12-2011 08:54 AM

locking insert-marker to mouse cursor in MSDOS text-editor
When I click anywhere in the text of a conventional text editor, I can start entering text at that point. Can that feature be imported-into/applied-to my favourite text-editor, which is WP5.1+forDOS ?

DominicD 07-15-2011 05:48 AM


sorry buy if you are referring to word perfect and dos, then i cant suggest atm.

but if you have windows, try Notepad++

its a free text editor that is more detailed and has options for checking/doing color-coding for basic programming code

Notepad++ Home page is here

for basic text editing

doing some basic code checking

Sebastian42 07-15-2011 08:01 AM

Hi DominicD
I am very aware of Notepad++, but it does not have the colour coding by keystroke of text that WP5.1+ has, document switching by keystroke, nor does it have UNDELETE (as distinct from 'Undo'). So I would still like a solution to the WP problem that the insert marker appears not to be movable my means of mouse cursor.

But since you mentioned Notepad++, I will raise an issue, at the risk of annoying those who insist in the single-thread character of forums. I use Notepad++ to search for the first (and last) characters that I want to KEEP, in the source code of emails that I want to 'clean up' before forwarding them. I would rather do that searching in the source code view of the actual email, instead of copying all the source code first into Notepad++, and then trying to locate in the email source code, the key found in the COPY of the source code. So if you know a way of performing 'CTRL F' in the source code of emails, I'd be delirious with joy.

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