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DominicD 02-11-2011 05:15 AM

Internet Realtime Speed Test - Windows Performance Monitor
Realtime Internet Speed Test Using Windows Performance Monitor

How fast really is your internet? Your ISP says you’re on a blazing fast 5Mbps cable, BUT YouTube clips are awfully slow! Online internet speed tests keep saying that you’re on the 4.9Mbps hyper speed. How fast really is your internet?

Surely you can try the numerous online speed test websites –, SpeakEasy, McAfee’s Online Speedometer, but these only measure the speed between your computer and the speed test server. The real internet speed that you get from web browsing + video streaming and im remains unknown.

Fire up the Windows Performance Monitor and lets get started viewing your internet speed as you use it.
  1. Click on the Windows Start button
  2. Click All Programs --> Administrative Tools --> Performance Monitor
  3. You will be presented with the graph of your computer’s performance
    (processor, hard disk etc). This is all nice, but the default Task Manager has these covered. We need to customize a different graph for the internet speed monitoring, click the NEW COUNTER SET button.
  4. Right-click on the empty graph and hit ADD COUNTERS
  5. Select NETWORK INTERFACE as the Performance Object
  6. Select your WIRED or WIRELESS adapter name in INSTANCES LIST
  7. In the “Select Counters from list” section, select BYTES RECEIVED/SEC and hit the ADD button.
  8. In the “Select Counters from list” section, select BYTES SENT/SEC and hit the ADD button.
  9. Click the CLOSE button
  10. Right-click on the newly created graph and click PROPERTIES
  11. On the Data tab, set both SENT and RECEIVED counters with 0.001 SCALE, and set a color for each counter.
  12. On the Graph tab, set the scale -- 300 for a 3mbps connection, 500 for a 5mbps connection.
  13. Save the settings as a .msc file. Keep the graph open and observe just how fast your internet connection to different websites and programs truly are!
This is my real time internet speed test as im downloading from Microsoft servers.. Take note that I am indeed getting the near 3mbps speed. Try running this speedtest while you are playing online games or viewing youtube clips. You'll get a better idea of how fast the internet works for each different website and program :)

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