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Andrew Watson 05-03-2008 08:14 AM

Infection Types to the Computer System
In the present scenario of technology, computers play the most significant role. Whether you are working in an income tax department, a private firm or any of the other organization, storing data on these computer systems is a very common process and thus the reliability of the data saved matters a lot.

But unfortunately people who want to disrupt the use of computers can well perform this task with the help of some programs that are able to infect the computers and at last damage to it one or the other way. The data may get lost or corrupted and you may feel a need of data recovery.

These malicious programs can damage the data ranging from mild to the severe one. Widely the infections which could affect the computer systems can be categorized as:
• Viruses: These are the malicious programs that can copy themselves and infect a computer without the prior permission or knowledge to the user. They attach themselves with specific programs and when these programs are run and so do the viruses. A computer virus may get spread from one computer to another computer when its host is taken to the uninfected computer either through internet or through carrying it to on a removable media like USB, CD, floppy disk etc.
• Trojan Horse: Trojan Horse is a software program which appears to perform some other task but in real sense the action carried out is some other damaging actions such as erasing your hard drive or allowing an open access to some other users. They have no way to replicate themselves but rely heavily on the exploitation of the end user.
• Worms: Worms are the self replicating programs that use the network to send the copies of it to the other nodes. It does not attach to the existing program but instead scan the whole network for other computers with similar security holes through which it can then move to another computer for duplication.
• Rootkits: These are the programs which are designed to take fundamental control of a computer system without user’s authorization. It is intended to seize control of the operating system running on the hardware and can also results into sabotage.
• Spyware: These are the programs which are installed surreptitiously on a computer system in order to secretly monitor the user’s behavior and also it can collect certain other information of the user like personal information such as internet surfing habits, most often visited sites etc.

These programs can badly damage the data side of the user and the data may get lost. So all you need to be knowledgeable about the solution prior to any kind of infection that can happen to any of the hard drive.

Data recovery in the case of these infections can be done by data recovery software which come in a variety, depending on the operating system. So you need to select one of them according to your operating system and start the recovery. The data lost may be of immense significance to the user, so opting the best one is mandatory.

Stellar, one of the leading data recovery companies which provides the best data recovery software for every type of infection to the computer systems. These data recovery software come under different names like for Windows it is Stellar Phoenix Windows data recovery software which is best suited for the hard drive which has been partitioned on FAT and NTFS file systems. Also for other operating systems software are compatible with all popular file systems.

The demo version of all of them is available on the website which will preview you all the recoverable files. The interface is interactive and hence easy to operate.

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