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Rex2010 06-07-2010 11:24 PM

If a USB Stick will do, why a notebook?
Travel with a notebook? It is not news. But Travel with a USB Stick? See how Murray Reeves manages his daily business during his travel with a USB Stick but not a burdensome notebook?

My name is Murray Reeves and I work for a consulting agency. My job requires me to travel a lot all over the world. And, as is very common with other business people, I have to carry me with a notebook to deal with business and process documents and data during my travels so that I can maintain good communications with headquarters and my clients.

Thanks to my reliable Fujitsu as well as my effective helper and old friends, I mean, MS office, Outlook….. They are really useful and indispensable if you have been with them for years. Anyway, I need them to work.

However, *** happens. It is last month when I was in Rio, and I had to draft a form of tender at the time. To my great chagrin, I was robed of all my valuables, my watch, my camera, my wallet and my notebook. I hope in 2016 it will be better. Then I contacted my friends there and started to work on the tender, which is the most urgent.

Until then I found how important my Fujitsu and the whole suite of my software are to me. I can almost do nothing on my friends’ computer, there was even not a standard MS office installed, not to say other my frequently used ones, and what’s more, I could not find reference file in my computer.

After this, I am thinking hard, is there a way that I can compress all my own computer system and files in to a USB stick or an external hard disk? In that way, I can just make a backup for my own computer so that when in emergency or my computer is not available, I can easily have access to my own computer system, I mean, my Windows, my desktop, my favorites, my software, my files etc, from other computers just taking a USB or iPOD.

I though I was daydreaming until last Monday when I met one of my clients who also usually go on business trip. For his kindness, he recommended Prayaya V3 to me; he said V3 can carry all of his data, documents, and computer programs into a removable storage device. So he usually goes out even without computer, and only carries a small removable hard disk. what he does is find a computer and do his business on that computer. I doubted about it at first, because I thought that was impossible. But considering all the trouble I had, I decided to have a try on V3.

I downloaded V3 firstly. I found that it was a Virtual Microsoft Windows Operating System with a size of only 6 MB; then installed it on my personal storage device. Then I installed MS 2003 into my V3-enabled USB storage device now.

I also attempted to install my other habitual programs such as MSN, FileZilla, and Firefox in it, all of them run well.

What excites me is that I can connect my V3-enabled USB storage device to the USB port of any Windows PC anywhere and most importantly, I don’t have to worry about the security or privacy. V3 runs on itself and has its own registry, so no trace will be left on the computer you use.

I think I begin to love this miraculous application.

I don’t know exactly what kind of technology it is, but it is really useful for people who need to shift to different places and computers. This is a very convenient way of maintaining your own notebook, your own way of using at fingertips wherever you are.

So this is my amazing experience and I can not help sharing it to you. I hope it will bring your life surprise as well.

kaycee 06-09-2010 07:44 PM

Hello, that really sounded interesting and helpful. thanx for shaaring the info. how or where did u get the V3 or virtual microsoft windows? thanks

Rex2010 07-20-2010 11:10 PM

for those who interested you can visit

kaycee 02-28-2011 04:11 PM

I just want to say that I saw the prayaya v3 app and behold it was really a wonderful one. you just no longer need to be moving your pc up and down especially if u hav a usb disk with a bigger size. so u can install close to all the apps u require in ur system on the usb disk plus browsers for web browsin. i even had my adobe flash professional cs5 installed on the v3 plus many other utility wares that I installed. infact it's just awesome. but brother, i really need ur help for a lil thing. please, may I have the registration key for the app. i really like it but mine is a trial version and I've not gotten means to buy it online. am sorry pls. I don't know if e mails are allowed here. this is my adres ([email protected]) thanks a lot in advance,,

DominicD 02-28-2011 09:57 PM

nice! just like portableapps!
this is a great find! its like portable apps except that windows is inside it.
if i may add, i suggest you also use "dropbox". its a free service that automatically backs-up your files online. thank you for sharing :)

kaycee 03-07-2011 04:46 PM

Let me even ask, how would you protect the usb disk against virus attack so that the prayaya itself doesn't get corrupted.??
cos from what I see, the prayaya setup or folder and files may be vulnerable to virus attack..

Stuhak 07-17-2011 10:35 PM

This sounds great but where I travel most offices would not allow me to plug in a memory stick due to security reasons. Also there is rarely a spare PC available anyway.

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