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juls.dave 06-01-2007 12:02 PM

How to Upgrade your RAM
Your RAM or memory is responsible on how your computer functions. Usually having a small amount of memory can make your computer programs crash and your computer reboot without doing anything. Here are things to consider when you want to upgrade your RAM.

First, check the manual of your motherboard on the number of RAM slots you have available, the maximum amount of RAM that your motherboard can handle, the maximum size of each memory module and dual channel support. The number of RAM should be equal to the amount of RAM that can be addressed by the motherboard.

Secondly, use a configurator. There are different types of configurator, each depending on your system. They are provided by RAM manufacturers and suppliers to check your system and recommend compatible RAM products.
Examples of configurators are the corsair configurator, the crucial memory advisor, the crucial system scanner, and the Kingston Memory search.

Thirdly, you have to decide whether you plan to keep the existing RAM or just replace. If you are dual channeling and the original RAM will not help in speed, then you have to replace it. Also, you have to decide on what series RAM you should purchase. Stick to brand name RAM because you can be confident to get what you are paying for. Upgrading your RAM will be easier because you just have to add more RAM of the same brand. The difference between value RAM and ultra low latency RAM is a 10% performance rating. You will also decide on the color and design of your RAM, if ever you like it to be that way.

You also have to consider how much RAM you can afford to buy. RAM is slightly cheap so the temptation of adding more RAM becomes great. Installing much memory into the system is useless if the motherboard can‘t handle it. Consolidate the data you have gathered about RAM, along with your preferences. This will be your basis on buying your memory.

When you have decided and purchased on what RAM to buy, you now have to install it. This is the simplest part. Before removing the RAM from its covering, power down the computer first and open its case. Remove the power cord out of the back and wait for any voltage left to get out. Then after 30 seconds, remove the old RAM. Modern DIMM slots may eject the RAM module. Hold the module close and centered on the notch in the RAM, which should be verified as to connection and lined up with the key in the slot. Press down towards the motherboard on the latches on both ends. Insert the module with the gold contacts toward slot, double check if it is the right way. If okay, then the latches will pop up to lock the module.

As you reboot the system, POST messages may appear that report the amount of memory present. Take not of any error messages. Make a note of error messages and go back to the original RAM. When windows has loaded use CPU-Z against check the manufacturers website. Run CPU – Z first to check the new memory.

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