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parkoskar 03-05-2007 02:21 AM

How to recover data from formatted Hard Drive?
How to recover data from formatted Hard Drive?

Let’s starts by answering these questions:
Why Hard Drive requires formatting? Or, why do we format Hard Drive?

A brand new hard drive always requires formatting. By the process of formatting we divide the hard drive storage space into multiple tracks, sectors & clusters. And the specification of track sector and clusters depends upon the file system & operating system, which we have opted for. There are various file systems like Fat, Fat32, Ntfs, Xfs, Vxfs, HFS etc. All these file system have its own properties, merits & demerits.

And I think you can guess the answer of our next question, to avail these features we usually change the file system & operating system like we upgrade from Fat to Fat32 or Fat32 to NTFS. Or it may happen we downgrade our file system for backward software compatibility.
This is the basic reason but other that this formatting is nearly the answer of all the daily problem of an operating system like slow start, virus attack, system error, bad sector and many other problems. Actually formatting is the shortcut solution for every problem.

During this formatting we sometime format the wrong drive or we forget to take backup of important files. Or by accidentally formatting the whole drive instead of formatting a single drive, I have committed this mistake earlier.

So let’s start the process of recovering data, I would be using Stellar FAT & NTFS Data Recovery Software to recover from formatted drive.

Download the demo version from Partition Recovery Software recovers windows data and provides NTFS & FAT file recovery and install it in separate drive. And Follow these steps:-

Caution: Never save the data to the partition or drive from where you are recovering data, as it may result in overwriting of data, and would result in permanent data loss!!!

Click the Select 'Physical Disk' button on the Icon Toolbar.

• A dialog box appears listing the physical disk(s) available.

• Select the physical disk that contains the formatted logical drive.

• Another dialog box pops up, select 'Search for logical drives' option.

• Another dialog box pops up, select 'Advance Search' option. (This process may take some time).

• Select the formatted logical drive from the list.

• Phoenix analyses the drive data structures and file system attributes and displays the directory tree.

• Some data structures are critically damaged after a drive format. It is HIGHLY recommended that you should use 'search for lost file(s) and folder(s)' option under 'Tools' menu to recover all the files and folders lost after drive format (This process may take some time).

• After 'search for lost file(s) and folder(s)' search process is complete you will find all the files and directories in the tree.

• Select 'Change Linking Mode' option from 'Tools' menu and further change the linking mode to Contiguous.

• Then select the file(s) and folder(s) you wish to recover and choose option 'Recover Selected' from toolbar.

I am sure by now you must have seen your lost data. If you could see the lost files then go for the full version otherwise I would recommend you to try this File Recovery Software to Undelete / Unerase & recovers data / files . This is the advance version of Fat & NTFS Data Recovery software which works on file signature search.

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