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freshmorning2010 11-06-2011 01:25 PM

How To Prolong Your Laptop’s Battery Life

Got a new laptop, and looking for the nearest plug point to charge it up, this will make it loose its charm quickly. The basic question is how you keep your laptop’s battery alive for long. Following are certain tips and tricks for the same:

1. Defragging required – If the hard drive has a good speed it is going to put lesser demand on the battery, thus defrag the hard drive and it will become efficient.

2. Use the Dim Screen option as often – You should run your laptop at the lowest screen light, which will give you some extra battery life. In certain laptops you can even modify the cooling capability and CPU performance, which should also be acted upon to conserve battery life.

3. Minimal External Devices – External Devices like the USB, mouse and even the Wi-Fi, suck the battery of one’s laptop. When not in use, make sure you shut them down or remove them. The battery life will soon be depleted if you continuously charge other devices, like iPods, etc.

4. Keep the CDs and DVDs minimal – Even if not being used, a CD or DVD in the drive pulls up a lot of power. A hard drive is said to use less power than the CD and DVD drive. A good idea is to use virtual drives wherever possible in place of the optical ones.

5. Keep it Clean – It is a good idea to clean the areas that are in contact with battery every few months. A good way to clean is to use a cloth which has been moistened with alcohol. This way, the dirt would not accumulate and the transfusion of power will take place smoothly and efficiently.

6. Choose Hibernate over Standby – A good way to conserve more power is to leave a laptop on hibernate rather than standby. The standby option conserves power, but not as much as the hibernate mode.

7. The laptop’s temperature should be maintained – One should keep the operating temperature of a laptop on the low as that will lead to efficient working and conservation of power. With a proper cleaner one should clean the air vents of their laptop.

8. Multitasking is a complete no – On a laptop do one thing at a time. If you multitask, the battery will surly get drained out much before the work is done, so make sure you take up your tasks one by one.
Here were certain tips to prolong the battery life of a laptop, if you follow these few tips the battery will remain alive. There are many other ways as well, but these were the important few.

Greenlantern 02-02-2012 02:28 AM

Thank you so much for the wonderful tips on how to optimize the battery life. I follow most of the tips mentioned above but 'Minimal External Devices' was new to me.

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