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macsmith85 11-06-2009 02:32 AM

How to deal with “The document you are opening contains macros..” error in MS Word
Microsoft Word is equipped with an in-built powerful productivity tool known as a Macro. It is a set of tasks that enable you to perform the entire task with the help of a single command. But, sometimes while using macros in MS Word, you might face some issues, which could prove hazardous for the data stored in the Word document. This generally happens when macros get affected by virus infection. In such situations, the Word document may get damaged causing the inaccessibility of data stored in it. An ideal way to overcome such situations is to restore the data by using an updated data backup file. However, if the backup is unavailable, corrupt or incomplete, then you need to use a powerful word repair tool to retrieve your data.

For instance – Sometimes, when you try to access the Word document, it does not open and you encounter the below mentioned error message:

"The document you are opening contains macros or customizations. Some macros may contain viruses that could harm your computer. “

As a consequence of the above error message, you fail to open the Word document, due to which the data stored in the Word document becomes inaccessible.

The main cause of the above issue is corruption of the Word document which occurs due to virus infection in macro. You mainly encounter the above error message when you click the shortcut of missing or corrupt document containing macros.

To resolve these issues, consider the below measures:

Try changing the shortcut of the file to point towards correct file.
Move the damaged document and then correct the shortcut.
Use “Macro Virus Protection” to prevent any kind of corruption.

In most cases, these measures will enable you to resolve the issues related to Word corruption. However, if the above measures fail to resolve the issues, then you need to repair word file to retrieve and restore your lost or inaccessible data. Word repair applications employ sophisticated algorithms to ensure complete retrieval of your data from the damaged or corrupt Word document. With the help of interactive graphical user-interface, these tools are easy to use and understand without any prior technical skills.

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