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SadPanda 05-22-2009 01:05 PM

HL-DT-ST DVD+-RW GWA4164B doesnt read disks.
Hi there,

Im having problem with the CD/DVD drive. Whenever I insert disks, it doesnt show anything in the D: but instead it keep poping up the message "Please insert disk into D:". Could some1 help me ? I tried to ask on yahoo but the only answer was from a rude guy who told me to *** off and buy a new drive.

Below is some info about the drive, if you need any more please just let me know.

Device Description HL-DT-ST DVD+-RW GWA4164B
Serial Number 35>3;236
Firmware Revision E113
Buffer Size 2 MB
Manufacturer Hitachi-LG
Device Type DVD+RW/DVD-RW
Interface ATAPI
Region Code 1
Remaining User Changes 4
Remaining Vendor Changes 4

Writing Speeds
DVD+R9 Dual Layer 6x
DVD+R 16x
DVD-R9 Dual Layer 4x
DVD-R 16x
CD-R 40x
CD-RW 32x

Reading Speeds
CD-ROM 40x

Supported Disk Types
BD-ROM Not Supported
BD-R Not Supported
BD-RE Not Supported
HD DVD-ROM Not Supported
HD DVD-R Not Supported
HD DVD-RW Not Supported
DVD+R9 Dual Layer Read + Write
DVD+R Read + Write
DVD+RW Read + Write
DVD-R9 Dual Layer Read
DVD-R Read + Write
DVD-RW Read + Write
DVD-RAM Not Supported
CD-R Read + Write
CD-RW Read + Write

Optical Drive Features
Buffer Underrun Protection Supported
C2 Error Pointers Not Supported
CD+G Not Supported
CD-Text Supported
Hybrid Disc Not Supported
JustLink Not Supported
LabelFlash Not Supported
Layer-Jump Recording Not Supported
LightScribe Not Supported
Mount Rainier Not Supported
SMART Not Supported
CSS Supported
CPRM Supported
AACS Not Supported
VCPS Not Supported
BD CPS Not Supported
Comp info:
DELL Demension E510
Bios ver. AO7

About 2 weeks ago, I format my comp, back then the drive still was able to read the WinXP Install Disk, after the format it stops reading things and keep poping the "insert disk into D:" message. I checked in Device Manager, it said the device is working properly, I even deleted the lowerfilter in Registry but it still not working. I tried to uninstall and reinstall the drive but it remains the same. Please help me !!

P/S: I tried to run Diagnos . at start up (F12) and it said it doesnt support the GWA4164B

William_Wilson 05-22-2009 02:55 PM

Since you're getting this error, I assume you were able to re-install windows after the format, which means it was reading discs then. It sounds like you are simply missing the driver for your device.

Here is the list of drivers for your machine:

It would probably be a good idea to install most of them, as you may run into other issues without them. Even if you don't, you will gain functionality and improved performance with correct drivers installed.

SadPanda 05-22-2009 07:32 PM

Thanks for your reply, Wilson. But your link is dead i couldnt visit it. Could u please tell me the name of driver for my CD drive ?

Oh, and yes I reinstalled WinXP (my friend did it for me actually) and downloaded most of the drivers from Dell already. (The ones that ask to enter Service Tag and then Comp Model )

Edit: I can visit your link now. There are 11 files in the CD/DVD , i downloaded the one that has the model of my CD Drive, it appeared that I already installed that firmware. Also, this is what appear at D:\ in:

Safe Mode: CD-Drive (D: )
Normal Mode DVD-RW Drive (D: )

I dont know why it appears as 2 different types of drive, Please tell me what do i need to do ?

Btw, it said E113 AO4, is that because my current BIOS is AO7 and the firmware need BIOS AO4 to work ? (I updated my BIOS from AO4 to AO7 after the format+reinstall OS) I just recheck my XP it is SP3 instead of SP2. Please let me know if you need more info about my comp.

This is the report of my comp from Belarc Advisor:

William_Wilson 05-24-2009 01:49 PM

Your bios does not affect Windows in any way, so there is no need to worry about that.

Safe mode is not capable of writing cds, thus it will not recognize the drive as an RW type, but instead only as a standard cd drive.

Possibly I have misinterpreted your first post.
You are saying that under My Computer your cd drive appears, I understood that this was not the case from your statement:
"it doesnt show anything in the D:"
but I think I understand what you meant now.

SP3 means that it has service pack 3 installed, this should not affect the workings of any devices.

It does sound like your drive is done or possibly just broken. How did your friend install Windows? Did they use the cd drive to do it? or another method?

The file link you posted is a local file on your computer, thus I cannot access it, you will need to attach it to your next post if you think its information may be useful.

SadPanda 05-24-2009 04:25 PM

My friend spent 6 hours formatting and reinstalling my comp. He said the virus infected even my BIOS and everything. He used the install disk as well as some anti-virus disks. When I got the new OS installed, everything is smooth. But when I insert a Warcraft disk, it can not read. I inserted other disks, nothing happened, it keep poping up "Plz insert disk into D:"

I prolly tried every method from the internet to fix the Drive, but I think it just broken now. It might just be a concidence that it broke right away after I reinstalled the XP, sigh.

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