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chief6677 06-09-2010 04:59 PM

HardWare Malfunction
After setting up a Gateway zx6800-03 all-in-one I began receiving the following: A blue screen with the message "Hardware Malfunction Call your harware vendor for support NMI: ParityCheck/Memory Parity Error ***the system has halted***" Machine is continually on and allowed to go into sleep mode. Blue screen even came on when I attempted to plug in usb flash drives and an mp3 player. It also comes on when sitting idle.

Support attempts by phone could not resolve issue. Sent the machine to support and two memory modules were replaced and machine booted to windows 7 without problem. PC returned to me and continues to generate the same blue screen hardware malfunction message.

Even after windows was upgraded to windows 7 ultimate, office 2007 ultimate I continue to receive the same blue screen message.

System has Intel Core 2 quad Q8200S 2.33GHz processor
4mb L2 cache, 1333MHz front side bus
8GB DDR3 dual-channel 1333MHz RAM
1TB Green SATA Hard drive
23" Full HD Widescreen Ultrabright LCD 1920x1080 (integrated windows 7 compliant multi-touch screen)
Built-in web cam and microphone Intel Graphics Media Accelerator X4500HD
Built-in Hybrid (ATSC/NTSC) TV Tuner
8x SuperMulti DL DVD+-R/RW Drive
802.11b/g/Draft-N Wi-Fi CERTYIFIED
10/100/1000 GB Ethernet LAN
and more...

Any one else experiencing this blue screen message?

kaycee 06-09-2010 07:27 PM

first is it a laptop or desktop?, did u in anyway dual boot with an older OS? check at your bios during boot up process to see if you hard disk mode was changed.

William_Wilson 06-13-2010 10:52 AM

@kaycee It was listed as an all-in-one, which is a compact desktop computer. If you would like to see what it looks like, try:
Gateway ZX6800-03 - ProductWiki unbiased product reviews

These compact computers have issues regularly. The small cases being so close to the monitor cause heat issues which can cause countless hardware failures and BSOD problems.
No offense to gateway, but I've always found their computers hit and miss and their support far worse.
Assuming it is not heat related, this issue is usually memory related, it could originate in any hardware device with memory. More specifically, it could be the video card, motherboard, RAM or far less likely the CPU.
A quick Google search leads me to believe this is a common issue on several machines, Dell, Gateway, etc. The most common culprit in this case is probably a driver or bios version. If it is at all possible I would suggest trying to update your bios or reverting to an older version and similarly to your video drivers.
If this does not solve anything, the easiest hardware to test is the RAM, if you can access it, it is possible the issue is with the RAM slot and not the dim itself. Leaving 1 RAM slot open at a time may find this issue.

chief6677 06-13-2010 01:43 PM

Thank you for the insight folks. Gateway took the machine back and stated they would replace it with a new one. I also have a Gateway FX6801-03 Desktop and believe me after several Dells and a couple of HPs, I love my Gateways. The FX series has been absolutely terrific and I will say although support could not eliminate the BSOD issue,'s 30 day exchange/refund policy is another PLUS. It shows me they stand behind their word. Again, thanks for the insight.

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