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DominicD 04-05-2011 12:54 PM

Google Cloud Print Connects your Printer to the Web
Google Cloud Print enables you to print documents from any location to your home or office printer. It is an innovate collaboration into the “ePrint” initiative of HP. From now on, any computer that has Chrome browser installed, can share its printer to allow you to print documents from anywhere in the world.

The idea behind Google Cloud Print is similar to HP’s “ePrint” devices – to give users the freedom to immediately print documents on their home or office printers while they are at a different location, using a mobile Android device, or reading Gmail while in a coffee shop.

For Google Cloud Print to work
  1. You need to have a computer that has an installed printer.
  2. The computer must have Google Chrome browser (or that computer is using Chrome OS)

The instructions below are as taken and tested from the Google Cloud Print website:
  1. On the computer that has physical connection to the printer, open Google Chrome. Click the wrench icon. Choose "Options." (On Mac you will choose "Preferences.")
  2. Click the "Under the Hood" tab. Scroll to the bottom to the Google Cloud Print section and click "Sign in to Google Cloud Print."
  3. In the dialog that appears, sign in to your Google Account to enable Google Cloud Print.
  4. When you have signed in, you will see this confirmation page:

After setting up Google Cloud Print your options pane will be like the screenshot below. Click the Manage Print Settings button. Login to your gmail account, from there you view a list of your connected Google Cloud printers.

The next time you use your computer in a different location where you cannot physically access your computer, your can use Gmail or Google Docs to open the files, and then select Print. Google will ask you if you would like to print using your home/office printer.

Google Cloud Print helps homes and business convert their old printers to have similar “ePrint” capabilities without having to purchase new printers. Google is collaborating with HP ePrint to increase compatibility and use of the new generation remotely accessible printers.

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