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Pinklady 04-05-2006 07:41 AM

Gaming Machine
What would be the best type of motherboard people would say to get for a Gaming AMD processor machine.
The chip is AMD64 and its a gaming machine.
It came with a crappy motherboard that i didnt even recognise the name so i want to change it to something better. I play alot of games so i want a good spec PC its just taking me a bit of time to keep things upgraded and get new parts.
I want a board that will grow when i get a new processor and also better graphics.
I can afford up to £300 ($600) for a good board.

William_Wilson 04-05-2006 12:51 PM

just because the name isn't common, doesn't make the board no good, but you can't go wrong with Gigabyite or Asus motherboards, they are reliable, and most of the new models come with Serial ATA as well which would also help in speed transfers from related drives :)
Exactly what company/model number is it? You may be surprised at the company that makes the part... It was once true that lightbulbs were only made my 3 companies internationally, and that no matter who's name was on it... It was still a good product. Names can be deceving.

Pinklady 04-05-2006 05:10 PM

To be honest ive been having problems with the board ever since i got the computer. I eneded up taking it to a proper computer shop as problems included: sound playing up, 2 graphics cards fizzing out, power suppl blowing and also going through 2 fans.

The shop explianed and didnt charge me for looking at the machine, but they explained the board was crap and was causing the problems.

So thats why i came asking about the boards.

ive heard of asus, whats the best spec of those out at the moment, do you know much about them?

extremepixie 04-08-2006 11:18 PM

Where did you get this computer from? Can you not take it back to the place you got it from if it has had so many problems?

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