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geercom 01-14-2008 02:57 PM

Find, recover and block bad sectors, XP with NTFS
All but the last part is a preface to my question.

My IBM Thinkpad R40 has an NTFS drive and XP Pro. It boots up and works but I think the HDD is going slowly. Sometimes hard drive response is slow or files won't open or it makes too much noise.

I can't get to the HDD because the keyboard won't come out. So there is no physical solution like re-seating or replacing the HDD.

I can't load the Recovery Console because this computer is married to a Recovery CD (four of them, actually) not an XP installation CD.

What I want to do is force some means of locating bad sectors, recovering the data and quardening off the bad sectors like you used to be able to do with MS-DOS. While the Check Disk under C-drive, properties, tools goes through five steps (sorry I can't name them here), it doesn't ever appear to do a thorough search looking for bad sectors.

How can I do a thorough scan of the HDD for bad sectors, etc, as I describe?

squirrelnmoose 01-14-2008 03:42 PM

I would argue that this is the best program out there for hard drive recovery. NOt free though. But you can also use it for maitenance to keep your drives in optimal condition. It will recover all drives regardless of OS or partition format. You can use it on PC, Linux, Tive, Mac, Apple TV. It reads the drive at its lowest level, repairs and marks bad sectors.
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I'm not alone, read some of the customer feedback also.
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