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w.avenue 05-22-2007 12:00 PM

Errors between Mozilla Firefox and Windows Vista
There have been several errors that have arisen when people have tried to use Mozilla Firefox with the new Windows Vista operating system. This is can be extremely infuriating particularly when you are trying to finish writing a very important paper and you have several web applications open, and your deadline is a couple of hours away. This article will discuss a couple of the most common errors to happen between this two new systems.

A common error encountered is when a window pops up to say that you have to restart the computer because the program has to close due to a previous installation attempt that has to continue. This occurs when Mozilla Firefox is starting and even though you have restarted your computer for several times, you always get this error and are unable to access the internet through this browser. You would even think that you might have even gotten a virus.

To remove this error, exit Firefox completely and access the Windows Task Manager from the shortcut keys Ctrl-Alt-Del. When the window appears, click on the Processes tab and search for the process named “xpicleanup”. When you are able to locate it, you just have to end this process to partially get rid of the error.

Then, you have to open the “AppData” folder found in the program file for Mozilla Firefox. To be able to do that, you have to enable the visibility of hidden files and folders by going to the Organize folder and search Options on the control panel, double click on Folder options, select view tab, and then “show hidden files and folders.” You can also enable visibility by typing in %Appdata% at the search box in the Start Menu. Then, locate this folder through double clicking on the icon My Computer on the desktop, double click again on the main data drive which is usually C:, then double click on Program Files, then on Mozilla Firefox. When you have access to the folder, look for the file “xpicleanup.dat” and delete it.

Firefox should be working by now when you start it. But, if this problem still continues, it is not yet time to kick your computer. You just have to go back to the task manager, and end all process that has the name “xpicleanup” or “Firefox”. Then proceed to the Mozilla Firefox folder again and delete all files that have the name “xpicleanup.dat”. This should hopefully solve your problem as to this error.

Another error that you can get with Mozilla Firefox while using Windows Vista is a window saying that there is an error in opening the file for writing. The solution to this problem is simple enough. It just means that Mozilla Firefox needs you to log in as an Administrator. To do this, you can just right click on the Firefox icon and select “Run as Administrator”. This should solve this error.

I hope these will be a big help in your experience with Mozilla Firefox and Windows Vista. As they say, if errors persist, consult your computer technician.

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