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Andrew Watson 04-25-2008 03:47 AM

“This Document Cannot Be Registered” error message in MS Word
MS word application’s usefulness has been observed by most of the users and they use it to create certain of their important legal and professional documents and save them. But it may happen to them that when they try to open any saved document you may get this error message:

“This document cannot be registered.”
“This document cannot be registered. It will not be possible to create links from this document to other documents.”
The reason behind the problem encountered can be any of the two mentioned:

1. The OLE files are damaged or incorrectly updated and are incompatible.
2. The Windows registry is damaged.

OLE stands for Object Linking and Embedding and these are the files which are responsible for saving the objects created by some other external applications and its own data. So any damage to this file could lead to the damage and corruption of the existing files and the files may not open. Also Windows registry damage could be a big problem as this directory contains all the settings and options for the application and the files may get corrupt. So a need for the problem’s solution arises as one could suffer a severe data loss due to this problem.

To resolve the problem Microsoft has come up with few of the solutions which work but not in each case;
1. To correct the registry, it is recommended to run setup with the /y switch.
2. Use the eraser utility and then go for the reinstallation of Word application.
3. Search for the winword8.srg file and then rename it

Problems related to registry settings are even not guaranteed for complete solution by Microsoft and it also doesn’t claim for the data in document files which is already corrupted due to the above stated reasons. Also if the problem gets solved by following the above method, reinstalling the application could lead to more damage to the existing files. In this case you think for a solution that could repair your corrupted files and trace back all the data which was there in your documents.

The search for any user to find the solution ends at Word repair software which repair the corrupted and damaged document at a very high level. These are read only software which repair the documents and restore them with original format and content without modifying them.

Stellar provides one of the leading software in the same field and name it as ‘Stellar Phoenix Word Recovery software. This non destructive software works for all the file versions of the MS Word including Word 2003, XP (2002), and 2000. Before going for the actual software, one can have a view of the repairable files with its demo version. If the document contain charts, drawings, embedded images, bulleted lists etc then this software is able to repair all of them and you can operate it with an interactive user interface.

anon 06-02-2008 12:32 PM

Try this solution
The message appears also when the "RPC locator service is stopped"
start it

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