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bwasi 05-13-2011 03:49 AM

Display on after 2nd attempt (problem after lightning)
Hi all,

after a lightning, my power psu is toasted.
then after I changes psu, its bios booting ok (1 beep) and enterinng XP...but no internet network
add up a new network card then I have no bios display at 1st attempt.
switched off then switched on 2nd time then display bios and enter windows xp. ( normal)

if I swithed on after a long break (1 time only) - the 2 monitors (dual) have no bios display and no beep from pc...the 3 lights on keyboard were light up several times but no still no display on monitor (amber lights) ..

the shop changed something on BIOS setting when I changed PSU and then network card (TP-Link)(1st network card is onboard)

I have changed position of 2 ram cards and pull off put on graphic card.

my graphic card is Ati hd 4650 gigabyte
mobo is gigabyte
OS is XP
i have 2 monitors ..
PSU coolmaster 400w

any idea ? :icon_rolleyes:

DominicD 05-13-2011 12:46 PM

hi bwasi

sorry to hear about your problem after lightning strike. its true that random lightning strikes can damage electronics.

these are what i can think of:

assuming that the onboard lan of the motherboard is damaged -- disable the onboard lan through the bios settings.

if your Ati hd 4650 video card supports two video ports, i suggest you disable the motherboard video card, and just use the Ati hd 4650.

i hope this helps :)

bwasi 05-16-2011 12:14 AM

Many thanks Dominic
I did as uou suggested but the problem still there. So I think its the mobo.
Brougth it to the shop and they bring out the graphic card - still no display and they confidently said its the mobo.

As the mobo is AM2, its out of stock. MAny AM3s now they told me. I ran to many shops and luckily I got MSI NF725GTM - P31 (AM2).

The computer is ok now. :D

DominicD 05-16-2011 01:32 AM

hello, glad it worked out fine :)
feel free to invite more members to our forums, the more members we can share more ideas and help tips, see you around :)

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