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benzaloy 12-01-2007 08:33 PM

Defragmentation on Windows xp prof tiny
Please tell me if the 'Defragmentation facility' in windows is sufficient or a new one has to be downloaded to be on the safe side.

In fact, there seems to be many programs in Windows which are duplicated by downloads. But take the item 'Windows live Writer'. What's the use of having this 'writer' when there is Office Word?

Now, my crux of the question is this: Can I uninstall or disable the following: Outlook, Power Point, Live Writer, and any other that I do NOT use?

Reason for this suggested step: To gain additional free disk space (now my disk has 1.23 GB) which could increase memory and whch in turn increase speed of response of my laptop.

William_Wilson 12-03-2007 11:13 PM

There are many applications for defragmenting, but i would trust Microsoft to know their own software on this.

Competition and familiarity are wonderful things. Many companies have word processors. From notepad, wordpad, MS Works, Word Perfect, Word, Office Word, and the list goes on... in fact i believe all of those were microsoft products, but there are apps such as VI or emacs for *nix.
The Windows Live Writer I have not used yet, but from what i've read the key benefits are live hosting, allowing web developers to use SDKs instead of just standard work processing tools to modify code as well and host files. I cannot actually say how easy they make this, but i'll stick to my FTP and SCP for now :P

Absolutely, ( you may need to insert your windows disc) under add/remove applications in control panel, choose the windows compenents and go through and find the applications you want to remove and uncheck the boxes. Click apply and the programs are gone.

If you are using Vista i believe the terminology is a little different if you need more help, post and i'll use my VM to find the exact solution :)

squirrelnmoose 12-04-2007 10:19 AM

Here's a good program to help you find what is taking up all that space.
Old SpaceMonger v1.x

benzaloy 12-08-2007 02:45 AM

Thank you. The 'Old Space Monger vi.x is not supported anymore, they say. Yet there i found a number of their latest versions.
In my readings, elsewhere, I came across a sentence that implied having a ''free disk space' of around 750 mb is sufficient for most users.
Is this true?
If it is, then my cry of 'my pc is slow' has no meaning at all.
May be I am paranoia while my laptop is quite normal and suffers from 'slowness' during heavy traffic in Internet.

squirrelnmoose 12-08-2007 03:53 AM

Yes there are newer version of Space Monger, but the reason I sent you this link is it's free and works. I don't believe the newer versions are free.

If you are thinking your system is slower than it was when it was new, you are probably correct and taking the right steps to get some more out of it.

The best option is to reinstall your OS then all your programs. This will always bring it back up to speed, but is a big headache for most people. The next best thing is clean up of old programs, files and some maintenance.

benzaloy 12-08-2007 09:53 PM

Defrag on xp tiny in Windows
Thank you. You are right. The other versions are not 'free'. My trouble is I can't make payment for am retired, living with my married daughter and cannot make up my mind to ask her, have no bank account or credit card.
This being seated in front of the machine and staring at monitor till it loads got the better of me. Thought for myself: I don't use Office Word except to count words and hardly ever the Outlook for email and they are of nearly 200mb and Office Word is listed in Add/Remove.
Went into Add/Remove and uninstalled Office Word. Along with it Outlook too vanished w/o saying a word.
In my flounderings I came across FreeCommander. It brings on My Computer and Control Panel, Desk Top and My Documents in double quick time. And also shows the 'free disk space', now at 1.80 gb.
Now my laptop is turning out smartly. I don't use the short cuts on Desk Top to navigate as before. I make use of the 'free commander' and it is doing a superb job, I should say.
Thanks to SysChat and especially people like Sami and you I learnt a lot, have confidence to loiter about w/o slinking and am glad and grateful to you.

squirrelnmoose 12-09-2007 12:18 AM

Thanks and no problem. That is exactly what these forums are here for.

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