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tmm5899 05-26-2007 02:58 PM

connecting internal cables
i asked someone i know to put a cd burner in my computer and the disconnected the grey cables and i don't know how to hook them up it is for the floppy drive the cd burner and the cd rom and the hard drive i don't know anything about computers and never thought to asked them why and now we hads a fight and they will not reconnect them can anyone help tell me what cables go to what :confused:

mhookem 05-26-2007 04:13 PM

Hello 5899, if you open the left hand panel on your PC box, check the cables and they will have a stripe on one side to indicate pin1. On all the drives except for the floppy drive they will be facing towards you ( the floppy pin1 stripe will be facing away from you).

On the board where you IDE connections are there should be something like a very small triangle or a small number 1, all you have to do is line them up with the pin! stripe on the IDE cable.

P.S. the floppy should only fit in the right connector because of the number of pins.



tmm5899 05-27-2007 03:30 PM

connecting internal cables
so i have a cd burner and a cd rom and a floppy and a hard drive does one cable connect two things together and the floppy has it's own grey cable is that correct and what grey cable connects two things together can you send me a picture of what the other cable connects to they are both connected to the mother board i am not familiar with computer terms :confused:

mhookem 05-27-2007 06:05 PM

Connecting Your IDE Cables
Before you start, make sure you have taken the necessary precautions such as removing the power lead from the back of the PC and wearing an anti-static wrist band to avoid static discharge from you to your PC.

Ok, if you have three IDE cables you should keep one just for the hard drive and use the other one for both of your CD drives (that leaves you with the floppy drive cable which has a twist in it).

Now follow these steps:-

-Remove the side panels for easier access. you may also need to completely remove the drives form your PC, there should be two screws on each side of each drive.

-Refer to the image _hard-disk.jpg and check the jumper settings on the hard drive and make sure it is set to master.

-Now do the same with the CD drives and set one to master and the other one to slave.

-Next, connect your IDE cable to the hard drive and the motherboard, check for the stripe on the cable that indicates pin1. There may be a small number 1 or a triangle on the hard drive which also indicates pin1, line these up and carefully insert the cable. (The stripe on the cable should be facing to the left of your PC tower.)

-Look on the motherboard for the 'IDE1'/'Primary IDE' connection (refer to the to images 'Motherboard.jpg' and 'Motherboard 1.jpg') and locate pin1. Connect the cable so that pin1 is aligned with the board.

-(Refer to the image 'Master and Slave.jpg'). Now you need to do the same with the CD drives but you need to have the top connection inserted into the drive that you have set to Master and the lower connection inserted into the drive you have set as Slave. The bottom connection will be for the motherboard.

-Now insert the remaining connection to the secondary IDE on the motherboard.

-Connect the power leads which are 4 pin molex connectors to your drives, there will be two corners missing to ensure they are in the right way.

-Take the floppy drive cable and insert it into the floppy drive. Check for pin1, if there are no obvious indicators then the stripe on the cable should be facing to the right of your PC tower.

-Locate the floppy IDE connection on your motherboard. It may be labeled but if it isn't you may have to count the pins, there should be 34. Make sure pin1 is aligned correctly and insert the cable.

-Connect the power , this is a small 4-pin mini molex connector.

-Take one of the other 4-pin molex connectors insert it into the hard drive.

-Replace the side panels.

-Put the power lead into the back of the PC hit the power button and wait for it to start up, go to 'My Computer' and make sure all your drives are there.

If there are any problems let me know

Good Luck!


tmm5899 05-27-2007 07:11 PM

connecting cables
i never received the jpg pictures in the reply i can not click on where is says jpg it is not a link email me a picture to [email protected] if that does not work try [email protected] send picture as attachment yahoo alows attachments :confused:

mhookem 05-28-2007 06:06 AM

Ok I've sent them to [email protected], let me know how you get on.


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