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Sajid 01-21-2008 02:55 PM

The best approach to removing spyware from your Pc
It’s always a good thing to work on the final removal of all Spyware from your computer, but how do u know that you have Spyware? And how do you remove it?

The Symptoms

Spyware can cause a hefty number of problems in your PC, but the most common one is that it slows down your PC’s processing power. It makes the PC unable to run as many programs, or use complex mathematics, or operate heavy-sized software, etc…
Another common symptom is that your browser’s homepage changed to a certain website, and you can’t change it back. OR every time you browse the internet, hundreds of pop-ups appear on your PC. Sometimes, the Spyware will prevent you from logging onto certain websites. OR it will underline words on websites you visit, hyper linking them to other websites of bad content.

If you have any one of these symptoms, then you must remove the Spyware completely, or your computer might not respond at all.

As simple as one, two, three

Not really, since people who make Spyware, make sure that you will have a very hard time removing it from your PC. Spyware can make your living hell, since it can download other software, take control of your operating system; preventing it from recognizing the Spyware.

Also, some people are reckless they will remove certain system files, making their PC non-responsive and inoperable. So, if you’re unsure what you’re doing, get some help or research online, but for those who are more confident, keep reading.

First Steps toward complete annihilation

Sometimes the problem isn’t Spyware, especially if you’re computer is just slow and no other symptoms prevail. So, be careful, you want first to determine whether it’s a Spyware-related problem or not.

Also, make sure you don’t get all excited and start removing things yourself. This will only worsen the problem, especially if you aren’t knowledgeable of Spyware. If you attempt to remove them yourself, some Spyware scatter their components on un-installation. If it does, it will make finding it and successfully removing it, a hard time job.

First, start by installing your operating system’s support anti-malicious software patches (updated every month), and then download a free anti-Spyware from the internet. Just make sure it’s powerful by reading users’ reviews and checking its features. It’s always a good idea to download the needed software on another uninfected computer. First, some Spyware will not allow you to log onto those websites. Second, you will make sure that the downloaded programs are free from any doubt.

After you download the patches and anti-Spyware program, transfer them using a USB stick to your PC.

Strap up for the war

First of all, download and run the anti-Spyware, this a good first option, since usually it will identify and destroy most fatal strains of Spyware. Make sure you request a full scan (all hard disk must be checked), and give it time to complete its test. After the program is done, you have to remove all the threats which it has been found. Don’t keep any of them.
Second, run the patch or the operating systems program, this will usually expose Spyware hiding in system files or the like. Also request a full scan. Sometimes the removal of some Spyware will require rebooting the computer, don’t hesitate; as some Spyware won’t be removed while the operating system is still active.

Last Resort

If after all that the problem still resists, consult online anti-Spyware forums (these are very useful). If the forums can’t help you (very doubtful), consult some technology-savvy friends. The friends will usually be aware of the problem, or suffered from a similar problem. If they can’t help either, consult a professional PC expert. If you consult an expert he will usually charge you, so ask about his rates first. OR as a last resort you can always format your PC and reinstall your operating systems and programs. Since this is complete surrender to the enemy, it’s not recommended. There’s always a solution, you just have to dig a little bit harder for it.

Best treatment is prevention

If on the other hand the removal of Spyware is successful, then make sure it will never return to your PC. Here are some tips.
  • Always have an anti-Spyware which features real-time protection, by scanning all incoming data or stream from the internet.
  • Set your anti-Spyware to operate a full scan every set amount of time.
  • Make sure you update your anti-Spyware and Operating System patches.
  • Don’t download anything you’re not sure of and before you install it, scan it.
  • Be involved through research, forum participation, reading articles and the like, so that you will know if you have a problem.
Just don’t fall in the Spyware trap.

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