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DominicD 04-01-2011 04:15 PM

Amazon Cloud Player – Stream Your Music from Anywhere
Amazon has released its own “cloud music player and storage” – the Amazon Cloud Player. This is basically an online storage service that provides online streaming of your music files to any browser or Android phone. Cloud Player is powered by the “Amazon Cloud Drive” – an online storage service for home users.

The Amazon Cloud Player stands out from other online streaming websites because it virtually has no storage and bandwidth constraints, it is secure and private. Songs that you have purchased from Amazon MP3 will be stored for free. All your music can be played from anywhere through a web browser or an Android phone.

The Cloud Player is essentially a web based service that streams your music. Cloud Player connection speeds is very, very fast that buffering is hardly noticed. This is made possible through “Amazon Cloud Drive”.

Free 5GB Cloud Drive Storage!
The Cloud Drive is a personal storage space for your music, office documents, and all other digital files. As these two services are both “in the cloud”, they basically mean that you get the same speed, reliability, uptime and security as all the Amazon services. This is a very good guarantee that your personal music streaming, and file storage is kept secure and private with Amazon-level guarantee.

The powerful storage of Cloud Drive is also made free for the first 5GB of data. This free allowance can be used to store any kind of digital file. Of course, any kind of MP3 music file can be streamed online through the cloud player. The Cloud Drive boasts of the relatively large 5GB of online storage – compared to the free backup services like Dropbox and Mozy.

Since Cloud Drive Storage service is currently at its first week of launch, it currently has only simple web based upload and download features. Integration with Android devices, native clients for Windows, MAC, and Linux, and possible sharing features are on everyone’s wishlist

A simple pricing scheme is currently set for the Cloud Drive. Essentially, it is at $1/GB/year. This definitely merits a future review and comparison against current backup/sync services like Dropbox and Mozy. If and When, Cloud Drive features are fully implemented, the Cloud Drive may just be the one-stop shop for purchasing music online, storing music and backup files online, and the central place for keeping all music and backup files in-synch.

Its like your iTunes collection stored online!

A preview of your personal music files, sorted by album/artist/genre.

The web player

Amazon is taking aim at the Apple iTunes market – by being the first key player to stream purchased and personal music from the “cloud”. The free online storage of Amazon MP3’s and online streaming is also set to convert iTunes customers. Also, Amazon is taking advantage of its Android user base through the Cloud Player app.

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