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NonTechnicalGuy 06-29-2010 12:21 PM

After Reformat, I have No Internet
Hey guys, this is my first post, but my friend told me that this website is very helpful and the community is really supportive, so I decided to give it a shot.

Earlier this week my computer started acting crazy, and I later came to find out that I had malware on my computer. So, I reformatted my computer and installed Windows XP from scratch.

Windows XP is working fine, but the only problem is that I had Linksys installed and working fine before I reformatted, but now my computer doesn't detect that the Linksys wireless is in my computer, and it won't connect to the Linksys Router in my living room.

Is there anyway to get my system to recognize the hardware in my computer and have it connect to the router like before? I have the Setup Wizard for Linksys, but I think it's for the router and not actually for my computer (because you must have internet for that particular setup, which doesn't make sense).

I hope that my post made sense, if you need any further information just ask.

squishyrob 07-05-2010 05:07 AM

have you checked if your wireless card is working in device manager? it may be that you need to install the drivers for it before it works. (press start, right click on my computer, click properties, click hardware tab,click device manager) if you see an exclamation mark in a yellow triangle, it means something is afoot! right click, properties, it should give you some info. if its the driver, download the correct one and install. if its not the driver let me know. Rob.

kerryforbes123 11-17-2010 06:49 PM

just kindly check your modem you used if there's a problem with it..

b1caez01 11-18-2010 08:08 AM

If there is one thing that I have learned over the years, once you reformat, you must reinstall everything from scratch. Load windows, then immediately go to the Device Manager and start loading all the missing drivers. I keep them all on a burned CD. Barring anything odd about your set up that should be it. When you first set up linksys you had an install disc...find it and use it. Barring that, get a friend to download the install files from their url and burn it on a disc for you. If you have the hardware already try another link, eg. "d-Link" Have your friend do the same thing.

What is your original source for linksys? ...telephone line, dsl, sure that the source cable is firmly embedded in your router, and that your card is firmly planted and set up in device manager.

squishyrob 11-22-2010 07:28 PM

wow, bearing in mind the OP said he had the install disk for the linksys, that guy ^^ in a round the houses type of way just repeated what i said! polly wanna cracker? :icon_mrgreen:

b1caez01 11-23-2010 06:50 PM

Hold your horses...
Love crackers! If you do not have something worthwhile and/or constructive to add, keep it to yourself, thank you. :D

You must never have had to re-install a program more than once, twice or even three times until it finally breaks through whatever prevented it from working properly before. When you re-load windows, how many times does the disc stop, and tell you it can't find a file which is sitting right in front of it...and you have to go searching for it, for the computer.

>make sure that your system is as clean as a whistle
>defrag both drive and registry: run some reg cleaning progs
>see if you can work in safe mode...some progs can do the donkey work in there, but won't allow you to save a log file, or some other tid-bit
>see if you can reset the IP address with the router to a fresh one

You sound like a bright you will figure it out :icon_redface:

You know, there is always someone that has to wave their pole to be noticed "squishyrob." We are not writing a tech manual here,...just chatting among what we would like to call friends...let's keep it warm and fuzzy. It has been some time since I have visited syschat. I left because of a few junk yard dogs that did not appreciate weakness in others...or their elders.

squishyrob 11-24-2010 01:53 PM

yep. what he ^^ just said. welcome back old father time. did you try turning it off, then back on again? ill be back when ive something constructive to add. or maybe not add, maybe repost what someone else said (admittedly better explained and with better vocabulary) im just yankin ya chain dude, but whats with the profile pic, id have thought 'v for vendetta' was a bit too new and hip for you, maybe something from the chaplin era would suit sir a little better? speaking of hip, watch yourself, its gonna get a little icy now and i wouldnt want you falling and breaking yours. i do apologise, i shouldnt have said anything and just let you bask in the limelight and have your moment now your in your twilight years. anytime you need a cup of tea and a chat, just pm me. :biggrin:

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