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DanielGray 07-14-2009 06:12 AM

Administrator Password Removal Using Windows XP CD
If you happen to forget your administrator password, or if someone changed it, and you think there is no chance of accessing your personal operating system setting, instead of reformatting your system and lose all your important files. As long as you have your Windows XP Installation CD, you can access your computer again using simple and easy to understand technique. This will not affect your personal settings.

Using the “hole” of Windows XP, it is possible.

This procedure does not require the Recovery Console or other commands. You can wipe or change Administrator password during Windows XP repair. The following are step-by-step solution in resolving the problem for beginners.

1. You may need the Windows XP Installation CD.
2. Access the BIOS and set it to boot from CD.
3. Insert Windows XP CD into your ROM drive and start the system.
4. Watch for the “Press Any Key to Boot from CD” monitor message. Press any key.
5. The first screen will specify that the SETUP inspects the system and load the files.
6. Once you get into the “Welcome to Setup”, choose Setup Windows now, and ENTER.
7. This procedure will take you to the Licensing Agreement. Then press F8.
8. Next will be the screen for the Setup which will present you an option to do Repair.
9. The Repair will display options for you to choose. Press R to be able to initiate the Repair process.
10. Allow the Windows XP CD Setup to repair the system. The Setup will now analyze the hard drive to be able to copy the necessary files. This process will take a few minutes to finish.
11. After the Setup has finished copying the necessary files, you may be required to reboot the system or allow it to restart automatically. You can see the progress bar regarding the reboot process.
12. During the process of restarting the system, it is recommended not to press or touch anything from the keyboard. The Setup will routinely resume its operation. You will see the standard “Installing Windows” screen.
13. Be aware of the progress bar located on the lower left side of your monitor. When you are able to see the progress bar of “Installing Devices”, press SHIFT + F10.
14. This will take you to the security hole. A command console will open to provide access to your system.
15. Within the command prompt, type the following, NUSRMGR.CPL and ENTER. This command will take you to Control Panel’s User Accounts.
16. Now choose the user account you need to remove or change the password, whichever you prefer.
17. After changing/ removing the necessary account password, save it, and exit the windows as well as the command prompt, and carry on with the Repair.
18. After the Repair, you can now log into your computer using the newly acquired password.

Good Luck!

hardhead 07-14-2009 07:06 PM

In using this process to repair your computer, you will need to reinstall all the updates and service packs. In some cases you may also need to reactivate the windows operating system.

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