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DominicD 05-17-2011 01:38 PM

Add 500GB to your iPad media with Go Flex Satellite
The iPad is a great all-purpose tablet for mobile work and recreation. Given its portability, wifi and battery life, the iPad is nearly complete except for its small storage that couldn’t contain all of your music, videos, and high resolution photo albums. Seagate recognizes this problem and is offering the Go Flex Satellite external hard drive. Imagine a compact, battery powered external hard drive that streams all your saved files to the iPad, iPhone, and Android devices – now that is the power of the Go Flex Satellite!

The Go Flex Satellite is aimed at users who have a huge collection of music, videos, and photos, that exceed the size of their tablet device. Instead of choosing what to save on your iPad and leave at home, use the Go Flex Satellite and bring ALL of your media collection!

Seagate Go Flex Satellite is a 500GB external hard drive, that has its own internal battery, and wifi connection. It streams your saved media files wirelessly to a maximum of three simultaneously connected devices.

To Start Using Go Flex
1. Authorize your iPad with your iTunes account. This tells your iPad that it is allowed to play media that you own in iTunes.

2. Transfer your media files from the computer to the Go Flex Satellite.

3. Using the iPad, install the Go Flex Satellite App

4. Power On the go Flex Satellite, its blue light for wifi indicates that it is now able to stream your media files to recipient tablet and mobile devices. The media streaming wifi signal reaches up to 150 feet!

5. Connect your iPad to the Go Flex Satellite wifi.

6. Launch the Go Flex Satellite App, it shows you the available media contents from your Go Flex Satellite hard drive. Enjoy playing your music, videos, and browsing pictures on as the contents are wirelessly streamed to your iPad.

For Android and other mobile devices
Simply connect your Android device to the Go Flex Satellite wifi, and open your browser homepage. The Go Flex Satellite homepage will appear, showing the available streaming content from your Android’s web browser. Click on the files you want to view. Its as simple as viewing streaming video, pictures, and music from your Android browser.

Share and stream your media files to three simultaneous devices


Know more and purchase about the Seagate Go Flex Satellite from

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