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macduff 01-02-2012 12:28 PM

accidentally formatted one of the drive on laptop?
My name is macduff and this is the first time i am posting question on forum. I have compact presario laptop with windows 7 operating system installed on it. Hard drive is divided into 3 drives c,d,e, C has operation system installed and other 2 are used to store my personal data. Last night i had connected my external hard drive to it which also has 3 drives. To delete some data from external hard drive i idiotically selected laptop drive and formatted it. After formatting i got to know my mistake. I dint know what to do. Drive which i have formatted had movies, songs, family images and documents of my brothers. I really want all those things back. I would be thankful if anyone could help me out to get back the formatted data.

pollostar 03-01-2012 01:21 AM

You need 1st recover files after format software.
Install the software and run the application .Click on REMO recover data recovery icon .
The main window contains a "wizard window". Select 'Recover- Advanced' option.
As you click 'NTFS Partition Recovery' button , a window will be displayed to select the disk from which you wish to restore your data.
Select a source drive and the processing mode to process the drive.
Select a partition for processing and click finish button.
The application processes the partition and displays the found files and folders in a tree structure.
After scanning the process completes , you can preview the file before it could be recovered.
After scanning process , the only task left in recovery process is to restore data to a safe destination location.
Select a logical drive in your local disk where you wish to save the data.

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