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Butch 11-21-2007 08:18 AM

Accessing BIOS
The method of accessing the BIOS is going to be dependent of the manufacturer of the motherboard and the BIOS vender they have chosen. The actual process to get to the BIOS is sometimes identical, just the key that is needed to be pressed will vary. It is important to have the user manual for the motherboard handy or the Internet whenever changes will be made to the BIOS.

First thing is to look for what key needs to be pressed to enter the BIOS. Most of the time this are the common keys used to access the BIOS, F1, F2 and the Del key. It is common that the mother board will post this information when the computer first turns on, but it is best to look it up before hand. If you have seen the key to press to access BIOS restart the computer system and press the key to enter the BIOS after the beep for a clean POST is signaled. It is best to press the key a couple times to make sure it registered. When the procedure has been done correctly, the BIOS screen will be displayed rather than a typical boot screen.

keveenjones 04-08-2010 11:46 PM

To access bios in generally depend on that motherboard manufacturer company. Different comany different types of shortcut to open bios in that mothe board.

Here I write some shortcut key to open BIOS.

Acer - Press F2 or Del
Compaq - F10
Compaq Presario - Press Alt+Ctrl+Esc
Cybermax: Press Esc Key
Dell - F1 or Del.
HP – F1
Hewlett-Parkard (HP) Tablet PC: Press F10 or F12
IBM PS/1 (Late Models), PS/ValuePoint and 330s: Press Ctrl+Alt+?
Sony - F3, then F2, or F1
Sony Vaio 320 Series: Press F2
Toshiba Laptops - Press Esc Key.

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