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sudheer413 06-01-2007 09:08 PM

I have an ms dos game named desert strike When i started the game in windows mode it shows data overflow error what was it how to remove the error please tell me

When is started the game in msdos mode it shows requires ems driver please help me in these two cases

was dosbox is trusted one

William_Wilson 06-01-2007 10:56 PM

DOS has different versions, it is possible that this program was written for a later or earlier version than you have. There should be documentation with the game as a readme.txt My honest opinion would be to attempt running it in a virtual machine, this would allow for a proper DOS environment, rather than the fake one XP provides.

sudheer413 06-02-2007 12:05 AM

About An Msdos Game
But I Have Windows 98 Se It Worked Only For One Time And Then It Showing The Same Errors And I Am Using Dos Version 4.10 Then Where Is The Problem In The Documentation I Have'nt Found Any Thing
The Documentation Is As Follows

Desert Strike Pc

First Of All Thank You Buying Desert Strike, We At Gremlin Interactive Ltd
Hope That It Provides You With Many Hours Of Entertainment.

Changes & Additions

1.) If You Find The Realistic Movement Of The Helicopter A Little
Difficult To Control, Press F4 While You Are In The Game Itself And This Will
Switch Off The Momentum. Pressing F4 Again Will Return The Game Control
Back To How It Original Should Be.

2.) In The Manual It States That The Game Requires 550k Of Base Memory.
This Has Since Be Lowered, And Now Only Requires 544k To Run.

3.) After Completing The First Game Of Desert Strike. When You Return To Dos
The Game Will Automatically Save A File Into The Game Directory Called
Desert.cfg This Contains All The Setup Options From The Last Game, So That It
Automatically Set's The Game Up To Your Requirements.
If For Any Reason You Do Not Want The Game To Load Up These Options,
Simply Delete The File 'desert.cfg' From Your Game Directory.

Thats All For Now, But Make Sure You Keep A Look Out For The Follow Up
To Desert Strike, Jungle Strike, Which Should Be Out Soon.

Please Help Me

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