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DangerousTom 06-11-2008 04:11 PM

ABIT AG8 Processor Support (LGA775)
Hello all,

Had a drive crash recently & thought I'd use the "down" time to see if the machine could be upgraded in any way. The ABIT AG8 board is old (400 MHz FSB, SATA 1) but has a nice P4 on board (3.06 GHz, IIRC). Still I'm wondering, could it go faster with a newer Intel processor? I have a feeling that just because it's got an LGA 775 socket doesn't mean it could take on multicore processors, etc. Am I correct?

I also e-mailed ABIT about it... but you know how that can go...

Thanks to all,


lurkswithin 06-11-2008 07:24 PM

While there are some boards out there that will support both single core and dual core proccessors...this one doesn't.

On the bright side this is one of the best overclocker boards out there with the UGURU software it is capable of attaining some very close specs to a dual core system simply by OC'ing....the downside is that the OC'ing has a profound affect on your SATA drives and would work a lot better if using PATA.

DangerousTom 06-12-2008 09:47 AM

Thanks, and also for your reply to my question on the op systems board.

Well, the machine is in an office setting for now, and OC'ing is kinda frowned upon. I was just hoping to pop a faster processor in there. It had been a pretty sweet system, a couple of WD 10,000 Rpm 150 GB Raptor SATA 1 drives in a RAID 0 with XP on it's own small Raptor (it came to me with that and one of the 150 GB drives i juiced it from there).

So what does OC'ing do to SATA? If you just jump the processor speed & leave the FSB alone, are you ok? I've never really messed with OC'ingmuch...

(Hint: I'm getting a new laptop/docking station & may be able to secure this one for my flight sim machine at home...)

lurkswithin 06-13-2008 01:47 AM

overclocking the CPU will automatically increase the SATA settings as well...(This only affects the SATA configurations and not PATA or IEDE)

The SATA setting changes causes a limitation on the actual CPU clock speeds and becomes unstable fairly early. In IEDE or PATA you can gain another 15% increase on the cpu clockspeed or there about.

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