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Thanks to all for responding

Originally Posted by squirrelnmoose View Post
Boot order will matter as it looks at those devices in that order to see if there is boot information. Also if floppy seek at boot is enabled, will add to the boot time.

You also have and option to enable DMA on your SATA channels. I would set those to enable.

Looks like you've set everything else I would.
Yeah sadly I've already change those settings too: no floppy drive so disabled floppy seek, dma and Sata 1,2 enabled, dma and sata 3,4 disabled (just to reduce things further!)

Originally Posted by Wombat View Post
I have a similar setup to you, mine takes about 25 seconds from powering up on a cold start to being able to use the computer.

You mention standby, if that is what you are using it will take a little longer to start. Standby and hibernate are really only for laptops, and have no use on a desktop computer.

You would be better in setting up the powering off of the monitor after 10 minutes...
Hmm 25 seconds. Yes I have been talking about cold starts. Sorry if I mentioned standby - probably didn't mean to, I avoid standby/hibernate at all costs!

So out of interest, how long does it take from thumbing the button to the graphics card being recognised on your sys? Onboard graphics mobos seem to be a bit quicker...I guess because they have 'some' graphics ability onboard it can check other things first. Hmm.

Originally Posted by lurkswithin View Post
I am in agreement with wombat and SnM both. There is just not that many things that one can do to speed up the BIOS.
Thanks lurks, although I wish you hadn't said it!

Oh well, it doesn't matter for the time being because I accidentally lost my boot files, so a re-install is called for. Being optimistic, perhaps I just need to burn the mobo in a little bit, before it starts speeding up? Here's to hoping!

Cheers all,


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