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Dvd ADVICE: getting DVD player to play on PC Monitor (HDCP)

Hi all,

Just thought I'd try to avoid people wasting time.

I recently decided that I wanted to use a traditional standalone DVD player for watching DVD's on my small (well it is these days!) 22inch monitor. The monitor has DVI in and VGA in. The chosen DVD player was HD because I just thought, 'why not'.

I located a cable that would connect HD to DVI as a conversion to VGA requires gear and expense.

As it turns out though, my monitor is cheap, so far that it doesn't have something called HDCP. If you're not aware this is a digital handshaking security thing and if you want to bore yourself rigid, google the initials. So I am unable to view HD movies - although I can watch backed up version's, personal movies and very old movies with no problems.

My four alternatives are:
  • By a new monitor
  • Get a cable/unit that basically fakes the HDCP signal back to the DVD player, although these have unsurprisingly become unavailable all of a sudden, funny that. It's as if a government has quietly 'lent' on them and they've withdrawn them from sale.
  • Buy a cheaper DVD player
  • Store the existing DVD player and hope I can fob someone off with it, as a gift!

So there we go, all the fun of the fair.

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