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Question Not a prob, just wanna speed BIOS time

Hello all,

Hope you're all have a trouble free PC day!

My question isn't very high priority as the system is working, I just wondered if I can speed up a portion of the start up during BIOS.

At the moment when I press the power on button it takes around 10-15 seconds before the screen comes off standby, the graphics card is logically the first thing to be recognised. The logo follows. I'm really just trying to stop this pointless delay - I did see a website fully listing the start up sequence of a typical system / mobo, but don't recall the URL.

I've been in the BIOS rather a lot and tried to speed things, which it does fractionally, i.e.:

- The usual enabling of quick boot
- boot order doesn't matter (in theory), as I'm focused on pre-OS load
- specified additional details of hardware so it's not 'auto' on graphics, HDD set up, RAM, etc.

The culprit could be the DVI to VGA converter I'm using while I sort out a proper DVI to DVI cable (my monitor does do DVI in).

Otherwise I'm flumaxed. I've done quick searches and it doesn't help when people quote the same mobo manufacturer / near enough spec as me, saying it boots in 3 seconds!

System spec is:

Motherboard: ASUS M2N-E SLI NF500 SLI MCP, S
CPU: OEM AMD X2 Dual Core AM2 Athlon 64 6000 3.0GHz 2x1MB
RAM: Crucial 2GB single strip (PC6400)
Graphics: NOVATECH 8600GTS 512MB PCI-E

Other details probably not necessary:
PSU: THERMALTAKE TOUGHPOWER 750WATT (cable manage one, very nice)



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