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trouble adobe flash player

Pleeeaase someone help me. I'm working on my 12th hour straight with no accomplishments. I have Windows XP, IE (6?). Problem... Adobe flash player only works with 1 out of 3 users on the computer. When I go to with one user, the flash player works. On the other 2 users (on the same computer) to the same site and a few others, it doesn't work. I've been to the Adobe website, tried all of their solutions, no fix. I've gon to, uninstalled and installed numerous times (yes, I made sure the web browser was closed and nothing else was open and rebooted with each operation), no fix. I've checked internet security setting on all users... (download signed active x rompt, run active x controls & plug-ins rompt), all users have the same settings. I've even used a registry cleaner. That did wonders, but it didn't fix my flash player problem. A couple of weeks ago, this wasn't an issue. Yesterday it wouldn't work. Does anyone have any solutions... Please help me...

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