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First off. No program/virus/malware or anything can jump across drives orpartitions unless they are openly shared....What this means is that your reformatting and reinstallations are going fine but you are continuing to use some partition or external drive or you have backed up the virus and are then reinstalling it after the reformat and reinstallation of your operating sytem.

This particular virus is a parasite that attaches itself to .exe type files....this means any saved program installations that you have stored in your computer is probably infected and you keep reinstalling it when you reinstall the programs.

My suggestion on this is to trash all of them and any backups that have any .exe files in them. If you have to have these programs then either download new copies from the homesite or use only the CD installation to reinstall can use the same serial or licensing numbers, just don't use the saved installations,,,,this also means your anti virus programs as well!.......Note****this virus does not depend on the opening of the .exe files in order to reinfect...just the presense of the infected file is enough to reinfect all the other .exe files

I don't believe that this virus can infect a restore partition ( where your reinstallation set up is stored on a hidden partition on the harddrive). So your reinfection has to be from another source....something that you are reinstalling after the formatting or transfering through a shared infected partition or harddrive from another computer.

There is a series of things that you can do to maybe get rid of it but is too long for here so I will refer you to another website dealing with this particular virus for removal....

AumHa Forums

They are a bit complicated to follow the good luck!

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