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Default Safe List of Senders in Windows

Ref your advice, given below:

" allow an e-mail address or a domain (the part of an e-mail address after the @ sign).
Maybe that will cut down on the number of individual address's. If you have several from the same domain, take out the specific address's and add just the doamin.
Maybe increasing your junk mail detection setting will help eliminate some spam too. "

Your well intended advice isn't enough for this slow learner. Please tell me
where I 'allow' this domain. I get the drift, if I allow '@gmail' then all emails thru will enter 'Inbox' safely.
If am right there, then on what do I click to reach the place to 'allow' the 'domain'?
Please see the 2nd part of your middle sentence, where do I find this 'safe list' to add the 'domain'.?
Do i add the domain with or w/o the '@'?
The crux of the matter SnM, where is this enigmatic 'Safe List' please?
BTW, if I 'allow', when I find my 'safe list', that is, 'hotmail' domain wouldn't all the hotmail emails creep into my Inbox? Some tricky point that I am missing the catch !
Trust Wombat is ok with your hint.

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