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Originally Posted by benzaloy View Post
By the way, in your advice entry to me you refer to 'burner'. Is that you are meaning a 'player' of cd or dvd ?
I know it is rather a bother to explain things to a slow case like the paddington express of the 1800s.
God will indeed bless you,
Hi Ben,

player = plays cd/dvd
burner = records data onto a cd/dvd

You can normally see if a optical drive (i.e. CD Drive) can play/burn DVD's/CD's by a stamp on the drive itself. It normally says "Compact Disc re-writer" in funky writing, or "DVD Player", or "Multi-writable DVD".

Burner is also referred to as a 'writer', i.e. a CD-writing drive will write/burn data to a CD.

I think the 1800's used to use cylinders made of ceramic or something? Music only though, no data option

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