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First off.

Please refrain from using someone elses thread to post your problems...Start your own thread and that way all can see and learn from it. This is hidden inside another post.

I will ask the moderators/admin to move it to its own spot.

Try to locate the iwingames or any variant of this in your add/remove programs in the control panel. If there uninstall it.

If you can not find it there then you must navigate to the folder and try to delete the folder..

( actual navigation is C:\Program Files\iWin Games\iWinGamesHookIE.dll )

start > R click "my computer" and choose explore

R click "C" drive or local drive (how ever it is listed in your computer).

click on programs and look for the Iwingames folder and try to delete it. if you can delete it then run all your antispyware programs to clean up the garbage that is left.

If you can't delete it then you must re start your computer and enter safe mode and delete it from there.

reboot the computer and instantly toggle the F8 key till it comes up with the start-up page and choose to boot to safe mode, once windows starts in safe mode re navigate back to

C:\Program Files\iWin Games\iWinGamesHookIE.dll and then delete the folder and all its contents. then use the anti-spyware/malware tools to get rid of the rest of the stuff!

report back on the outcome!