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I teach a short class on computers to adolescents and I always stress the importance of NOT BECOMING DEPENDENT upon computers.

For the exact reasons plus hundereds more of what you have stated. IT professionals are hired by companies to make sure that the computers remain in working order. If this fails them most are out of a job...or atleast have an extended unpaid vacation time on their hands. But what happens when there are power failures and the likes. Certain businesses cannpot shut down then and must rely on the old fashion ways to keep things operational....

To become more valuable to a company is to be more versified in the company business. Learn what you can about computers and how to fix them but also learn what jobs the computer is taking the place of.....

if it is accounting...learn the fundamentals and how to balance the books without the use of a computer....meaning to learn and retain your Math skills.

If it is reporting or writing...don't forget to keep your compositionally skills and spelling skills

business mig/tig welding CNC tooling.....retain the manufacturing skills so it can be done by hand as in the old fashion way....

Companies will keep you on and working if they can in choice of shutting their doors down.......any productivity is better than no productivity!

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