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Repair is an option, but I advise you do it at your own risk. Depending on how different the system is, your computer could essentially become incapacitated. I personally have seen issues ranging from random restarts and monitors that do not turn on with clients. (not being able to see what you are doing makes it really hard to fix the problem)
If it is successful, I would suggest that you uninstall all drivers which are not hardware specific, restart and install the correct ones to prevent many of these problems. In my opinion, I would try this first. Windows will attempt to find the drivers on the next boot, which will allow for plug and play, which may let you boot Windows in non-safe mode.

I do not know if MS designed there OS with security in mind in this aspect, it is a common deed to have a flaw, then right before release figure out how it could be perceived as a good thing and pretend that's why it's there.
Windows does have a hardware setup stage during installation, which is why it does not boot properly with drivers and what-not in another machine.


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